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Dani García It is not a single chef; It multiplies with abundant projects. "There are as many cooks as there are people, but I've always felt more than a haute cuisine and that's why I've been making different decisions in my professional career," he tells EL PAÍS. They have been determinations such as dedicating themselves to the world of tapa, creating menus for McDonald's, setting up affordable taverns or closing (next October), the restaurant that bears his name in Marbella one month after achieving the third Michelin star to reconvert it into a steak house. Decisions as thoughtful as his new adventure: put himself at the head of a daily program of traditional cooking on public television.

The 1 will premiere on Monday, March 4 (13.25) To cook, space with which García takes over from Towers in the kitchen after four seasons with the chefs Sergio and Javier Torres. And it does so with a similar spirit: bringing the traditional kitchen closer to the viewer with a light modern touch. "Within all these decisions, one of them is to approach an audience that is eager to do super-traditional things that are recognizable and easy to find in a supermarket," says the chef in the back room of the set MasterChef, where he has come as a guest to the recording of one of the episodes of the next installment. "Those Dani Garcia that I can become as a cook, are a father too. One who lives with his daughter and who often has to make a stew or a meal in 15 minutes. In this sense, I do not have the resources that in a restaurant, I have the same that everyone has at home, "he says.

"In the world of cooking there are many things that many people still do not know. I would love to transmit a bit of purely traditional cuisine, explaining above all tricks and giving that touch that makes it different, not at the level of product or strange things, but in cooking and techniques, without going to haute cuisine for anything but everything otherwise, "explains the chef. The program, produced by Shine Iberia, will be broadcast Monday through Friday and each delivery will last less than half an hour.

What will cook on the screen? "Of everything. You can find it from a quinoa salad to some meatballs with tomato, a baked turbot, a lasagna, a pasta ... ". And there will be hamburgers too, he says, alluding to the information that came out when he announced that his restaurant will be converted into a steak house and many understood that it was going to be just a hamburger joint. "I'm hypermegafan of the hamburger, but it's a steak house. It will be all the special that we can make it be. In the end it is about that everything we do is as sweet and rich as possible. In this case, yes, there will be hamburgers, we will try to have a great meat, a great bread, a great sauce ... ", he says.

"We want it to be fresh, dynamic, that people participate, there is always going to be someone with me, some well-known guest, someone else who just sees us and who has a problem at home and we are going to solve it, people will come from me. team. We will try to make it very didactic, but that does not come out of the reality that people live in their homes in a kitchen and do not pretend to use ingredients that the poor are going to eat the head they have to buy in Germany through a page web, quite the opposite, "he explains.

García has little experience in television. The one that has given him mainly to be invited in numerous occasions in the different editions of MasterChef, from the same producer. "I try not to reflect or think about it. In the end, the kitchen is my life and I will always be in the program surrounded by people. For me, it is about explaining things as I can explain them in a congress or in an interview, it does not go further. I do not want to think that there is a camera and thousands of spectators behind that analyze you absolutely everything. I am normal, natural and I will try to be the same as I am always with or without cameras, "he says. "MasterChef It is a place that attracts, I consider it my house and in the end I consider myself part of the team. In the end, the daily program goes hand in hand and I consider myself like the house ", he finishes.

"I want to make a program for people who are at home, and I do not mind making meatballs with tomato after having made millions of dishes of haute cuisine. I want to create cheaper concepts even of those I have, I want to go to another type of audience. It is no longer just an economic question or a financial strategy, it is a question of what one feels and wants to do at a moment of his life ", concludes Dani García.

A normal fridge

What does Dani García have in the kitchen of his house? Products as the viewer can have them? "I have normal things, I'm a normal guy. York ham, turkey, cold cuts, cheese, mozzarrella soil, always vegetables, tomatoes, green asparagus, mushrooms, some fresh pasta, liquid cream, bacon. Fruit too. Meat and fish I buy daily. Pasta, rice, normal things. That's why I think I can contribute a lot in that area and take off a bit of the haute cuisine world shirt and put on the shirt of a normal person who cooks things for his daughter or for his mother and his family when he it comes, "he replies.


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