Wed. Feb 19th, 2020

Dani de la Orden premieres this film about the reunion of a group of friends after the suicide of one of them

Litus has committed suicide. But that's not important. In fact, we never see Litus' face in Dani's new film of the Order. "It's not about suicide, but about saying goodbye." It is not interesting to know why Litus left, but the way his friends manage the loss. ”

His friends are a group of thirties, played by young values ​​of our cinema (Belén Cuesta, Álex García, Adrián Lastra, Quim Gutiérrez…), who meet after a few months to read some letters that Litus died. The reunion triggers tensions and secrets among these companions in which love, misgivings, jealousy intersect.

Six years ago, Dani de la Orden felt the need to move Marta Buchaca's play to the screen. “All my films are personal, but this was coming close to me. It is a theme, some characters and a situation with which I felt identified. Those friends, 30 years old, with emotional deficiencies, girlfriends who come and return … It's something close to my day to day. ”

However, De la Orden does not believe that the tape is "generational", to begin with the "pisaco", he jokes, in which the host of the group lives. “What is an emotional portrait; There is talk of that clear tendency not to tell us things. We don't know how to manage emotions, and that is seen in the way each one manages the duel for the death of Litus. ”

The tape, which the director considers a "dramedia" with significant doses of humor, since "Life is like that, even in the moments of tears and goosebumps there is a hanging mucus out there", was presented at the last Malaga Festival.

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