June 16, 2021

Dangerous Friendships returns to the stage: “Cristina stopped working with me because of my machismo”

Dangerous Friendships returns fifteen years later.

Dangerous Friendships returns fifteen years later.

Dangerous Friendships, Alberto Comesaña and Cristina del Valle, return fifteen years later to announce their separation with a new single -‘Alto el fuego’- and with the feeling that “sIt has greatly degraded what it is to be an artist, to the point of being a product that can be manufactured in a television program. ”

“It has been reversed because the value of an artist with baggage has been lost. The general public of 30 years and older does not have a product with which to identify, other than young people with a uniform offer such as reggaeton, as the only way to understand the music“, has indicated the duo in an interview.

This new song will be part of a ‘Big Hits’ to be released later in physical and digital. In addition to the launch, there is already a concert scheduled for June 25 at the Rialto Theater (Madrid), and there will be a tour that will also include Latin American countries.

“‘Ceasefire’ is a Martian chronicle of the feelings of both in a night of reunion (in 2019) and of putting ourselves in the shoes of what we could say to each other. It is intended for us, but that does not mean that the sentences can reach people who need a reconciliation: we all need to settle accounts with someone sometime, “Comesaña pointed out.

Del Valle has recognized that in that period of rupture, the contacts have been “very sporadic and in limited times”. “It all adds up, each of those contacts were very positive and I think that now we are in ‘a before and after’. We had been at war for 30 years and now we have signed peace, it is like starting from scratch,” said the singer.

“As long as we did not turn the pages of all the grudges, everything was entrenched and it was more difficult to advance. But we have understood that we are both condemned to understand each other and accept our differences, because yes, we are radically different. Like Spanish society: everyone can think what they want as long as they respect the opposite, “said Comesaña.

However, the return after such a long time has led to the encounter with a totally different recording industry. “It’s like those astronaut movies that launch them into space and when they return nothing is the same. This has nothing to do with when we started, now each one fights for their place on the Internet and it is like being on a boat in the middle of the Ocean Atlántico “, has pointed out the vocalist of Dangerous Friendships.

Reggaeton and machismo

From the valley focuses his criticism on new musical genres such as reggaeton. “I admire René from Calle 13, he is the clear example of a transgressive artist who comes from urban music with a political and social commitment. But reggaeton is something else, which uses a macho and reactionary language in its texts,” he lamented.

In fact, Comesaña has joked that one of the reasons for the previous break in Dangerous Friendships was the macho lyrics. “Cristina stopped working with me because she did not accept my machismo and came to censor lyrics and that she did not sing them because she saw them as very macho,” she commented, something that Del Valle herself has denied with laughter.

“Dangerous friendships it is still a transgressive group with social issues that are still current. 30 years ago we sang songs with lyrics that in the area of ​​sexuality were a scandal, but all were crossed by equality, non-violence and non-machismo. In addition, it was composed with great elegance and class “, has defended the artist.

For example, Comesaña has rescued ‘You do me so much good’, a song that “is exquisitely treated and that no one would have a problem either singing it or listening to it.” He has only done ‘revisionism’ with one of his songs, ‘You are doing very well’.

“I had the phrase ‘suck it deeper’, which now makes me blush until I sing it. It is perhaps the only song in my repertoire that I have had not to openly censor, but when there are small children in front of me, I do not feel like singing it. at 22 when you compose it, that you are full of testosterone, that already when you have adolescent children, “he concluded.


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