Sun. Dec 8th, 2019

Dance of positions in the Dragon Grand Prix

The Port Portals Dragon Grand Prix on Tuesday experienced an intense second day of competition thanks to a generous north-northwest wind that did not stop blowing in the nearly five hours in which the fleet, consisting of 44 vessels from 12 countries, remained in the sea.

The first regatta of the day (the third of the competition) started at 13.43 hours, after two general calls and with the black flag waving on the mast of the committee. With the weather vane pointing 320 degrees and the anemometer marking 12 knots, the first two sections of a windward-leeward course were completed in which the most leading ships sailed in a fist.

In the third, the wind increased slightly to 14 knots and the course was changed to 295 degrees. The second round began at 3.38 pm, after another general call and with the wind initially set at 295 degrees, although at the end of the first beat it had rolled to the left and forced the committee to make a 280-degree course change, to subsequently reposition the field back to 300. In the final moments of this test, streaks of 17 knots were recorded.

The start of the first race had to be repeated three times out of line of a large part of the fleet. The third, with a black flag, was the charm, although two of the contestants, the Swiss Sophie Racing and 1Quick1, were disqualified. This is the sum of 45 points (the equivalent of the number of participants plus one) and is a difficult ballast to release. In the second round, with the impatience of the most tempered participants, there were no disqualifications.


The general classification, after four races and two days before the Grand Prix ends, is headed by the Dutch ship Troika, of the owner Pieter Heerema, which adds 19 points thanks to a partial 4 + 9 + 3 + 3. The second position is for the German Ingrid, who remains in podium positions for the second consecutive day after having punctured in the third test (13) and having recovered positions in the fourth (4).

The Australian sailor Peter Gilmour, to the cane of the Japanese Yred, rises a position in the general and is already third, with 28 points (7 + 4 + 5 + 12), to one of his predecessor but tied with the fourth, the British Fever, by Klaus Diederichs, and with only a point of advantage over the fifth, the Russian Rocknrolla, by Dmitry Samokhin.

Pieter Heerema assured his arrival on land that his provisional leadership is the result of perseverance in very difficult conditions. "It is a complicated race because the north wind changes a lot in the bay of Palma and you have to navigate very concentrated," said Heereman, who praised the good organization of Puerto Portals.

The German Meerblick, of Otto Polhmann, leader after the opening day, did not have his day (16 + 15) and fell to eighth position, with 35 points, while also the German Desert Holly, who yesterday was second, retains options Raid the podium from seventh place, with 30 points.

The Sasga, from the Mallorcan Miquel Coll, remains the best-placed Spaniard in position 29, away from the top positions.

This Wednesday is scheduled for the third round of the Portals Dragon Grand Prix. The forecast for the noon is of wind of O-NO with gusts of more than 20 knots and high probability of precipitation. On Thursday the competition will be concluded, and on Friday the European finals will begin with the 20 best classifieds of the Dragon continental circuit, formed by the Grand Prix de Cascais (Portugal), Cannes (France), Kühlungsborn (Germany) and Puerto Portals (Spain).

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