Tue. Mar 31st, 2020

Dan Brown debuts in children’s literature with an extrasensory novel

The writer launches into the world of children’s books with “The Symphony of Animals”, which will go on sale on September 1

A children’s book in which members of an orchestra, all of them from the animal world and directed by Maestro Mouse, prepare for the concert of life with the mustache conductor baton in hand. It may sound pretentious, but nothing is further from reality. An elephant, a mouse, an orange cheetah, an ostrich, monkeys, rodents and even a smiling bat are the characters of the new book written by Dan Brown.

Yes, the hyper-sold author of “The Da Vinci Code”, one of the books that has given him the most fame, that with piano, trumpet, bassoon, tuba and a good bass drum is about to make as much noise as possible when offering his new work, “The symphony of animals” (Baobab) in the antipodes of what has been his work so far. Let us know in advance because The book will be released on September 1 with a simultaneous launch in 27 countries in both Spanish and Catalan.

Concert tour

That is, if you have a legion of followers, surely many of them parents, hooked from the first of their books, Now it’s the turn of the youngest children, whom he feels able to attract and retain. We imagine him as a sort of Pied Piper with a plethora of kids behind following the sound of music. A music that we read is present in the book thanks also to Brown, who is in love with the classic and who has composed it by casting hours of sweat in front of the pentagram. How to listen to it? Through a mobile application thanks to which the parts can be downloaded. Paper and technology go hand in hand.

The symphonic book, which launches positive messages about friendship and tells fables to learn the true value of it and the positive meaning of life, there is a surprise in the form of a clue or puzzle that the little reader can enjoy. Brown is fully satisfied with the result. «I love telling stories that are intertwined in my novels. In the same way that an opera captivates its audience by presenting beautiful settings, dramatic music and lyrical drama, this book becomes an immersive party for the eyes, ears and mind, all at the same time ».

But the childhood adventure of one of the most widely read writers on the planet – with 220 million copies sold worldwide and translated into 56 languages ​​- does not end here, since the soundtrack will be taken to the stages around the world, hence a live concert tour is being prepared in more than a dozen countries in charge of symphony orchestras. Brown has sucked music since childhood and for his first child labor has been based on compositions such as the beautiful “Peter and the Wolf” by Prokofiev. It will be a revolution and an event, we have no doubt. Music, teacher.


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