September 24, 2020

Damn Nerea sweeps the heart of Spain

The opening of the concert was not performed by the vocalist Jorge Ruiz, nor was it performed by the guitarists, drums or those responsible for the bass. At 21.30 the five members of the Toom Pack took the stage of the WiZink Center, who raised the percussion as the protagonist they created with plastic bottles with soft strokes and shaking, which they later replaced with drums.

However, before the performance began, the screens showed caramel couples on the occasion of being Valentine’s Day. Damn Nerea began her tour on the day of Love and Friendship. Thousands of people attended the coveted event, where some waited for hours to witness the show in the front row.

Shortly after the darkness was made, on the screens a countdown was observed that when arriving at the last seconds was accompanied at full lung of the voices of the spectators: “3, 2, 1 …”, and, “by the sea ​​that you give to my life, for the dream and the faith, because I am only felt if I see you again ”were the first words that Jorge Ruiz sang, corresponded to one of his best known themes: You will never be alonefollowed by Couldn’t we be water? Another song to highlight is In the wonderful world of the things you say, moment in which the spectators lit the flashlight of the telephones, thus illuminating the enclosure. The single is a tribute to childhood, in fact, the benefits of the video clip went to the Association of Congenital Heart Disease Affected (AACIC).

In addition to the phrases of love that color the letter that was once a template and not a song, those verses stand out where the protagonist is overcoming a sentimental relationship that only goes back to the past, of which only photographs are saved and flashbacks, memories after all.

Damn Nerea played in the capital to present the tour of his latest album “A planet called us” produced by Paco Salazar, who wanted to dedicate words from the former Sports Palace in which the singer claimed that the last album did not It could have been created without your help. The name of the album is also a song that was sung, in addition to others of the same as I promise you freedom, wait for it, or Extraordinary. The latter is inspired by the documentary “Mar a Mar”, which the A La Par and Tressis SV Foundation premiered on November 12, 2019 which showed the experience of athletes with intellectual disabilities of the #TressisALAPAR team and that of other athletes from Tressis.

Madrid has been the first stop, it will continue at the end of the month performing in Paris, London and Dublin, in March it will do so in Mexico and in April it returns to Spain to play in Badajoz, Barcelona, ​​Murcia, Córdoba and Gerona. However, it should be noted that at the concert he announced a new date that made the audience very happy, on June 7 he will be welcomed by the capital.

There are numerous songs that the successful group has. However, there is one that is never missing, the one that catapulted them to fame: The secret of the turtles. Before starting the last issue, Jorge Ruiz asked the public to be crouched while those who sat in the stands told them to get up. After the performance he said goodbye, but the audience did not want to leave the space, raised their voices and began to exclaim “Another, another, another …”, in the end the singer fulfilled his wishes, and not only sang one more but several .

The concert ended with a romantic theme as it could not be otherwise in the case of Valentine’s Day: Your look makes me great. In it, its protagonist is the capital, as his letter says: “because nothing is important when we make memories through the streets of Madrid.” In this way he said goodbye to the city, adding that “Gratitude is the only way. Thank you very much Madrid. ” This was the concert they gave at the WiZink Center, a scenario that came back on that day after a decade, on February 14, 2020.


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