January 21, 2021

Damien Hirst gives birth to his new controversy, in Qatar, by 17.5 million | Culture

Damien Hirst gives birth to his new controversy, in Qatar, by 17.5 million | Culture

Fourteen giant bronze sculptures of British artist Damien Hirst, who go through the development of a fetus from fertilization to birth, welcome patients from the Sidra hospital in Qatar. The miraculous journey, installed outside the center, culminates with a newborn baby 14 meters high. The pieces have returned to light after five years hidden, allegedly, by the criticism that generated, according to the agency AFP.

Hirst sensed the controversy that would generate exposure of human figures in an Islamic country. "It's the first nude sculpture in the Middle East," he said at Doha News. "He is very Brave". The British artist warmed the scene with his statements and the figures went to the spotlight of the most susceptible.

The installation is part of the impressive collection of contemporary art from the Sidra hospital, where the Emir's sister, Sheikha Al-Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Than, has invested in the most prestigious of the international market, with the intention of creating and transmitting an image of modernity and openness of the country. In total, 65 works of art, including a Neon installation by Tracey Emin.

The cost of the 14 sculptures of Hirst -titulado The miraculous journey– it is estimated at 17.5 million euros, to which we should add the artist's fees. The discovery of the monumental installation has become a focus of attention that is making known throughout the world the hospital for children and women, with 400 beds, inaugurated last January with an investment of more than 7,000 million euros.

The genius of marketing

The 14 meter piece that culminates the installation of Hirst.
The 14 meter piece that culminates the installation of Hirst.

For something the White Cube gallery considers Hirst the most expert artist in marketing of the world. These 14 sculptures prove it once again. For the artist Dinos Chapman, also usual at the top of the controversy, the platinum skull – covered with 8,601 embedded diamonds and with a total weight of 1,100 carats – was the work of a genius, but not of art, but of the marketing.

There is no one like him to make an image a brand capable of going around the world. In fact, he himself recognizes that "becoming a brand name is an important part of life". Because for Hirst, that "is the world in which we live". "The success of Damien Hirst lies in a solid brand and a manufacturing process with quality control," wrote art expert Don Thompson, in his famous libel The shark of 12 million dollars (Ariel)

Twenty-five years after his dissected shark, what most recognizes and values ​​the art market of Damien Hirst is his nose to attract attention. "His brand creates publicity and his works attract people who otherwise would never have contemplated contemporary art," says Thompson to ironically praise the cunning of the artist.

The art is the least, seems to flag Hirst, the only thing that matters is placing a new image (and kitsch), in the flow of images. Even if, as is the case, it becomes invisible to women and is summarized as a mere carrier of embryos, which grow and are born … after a "miraculous journey".


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