June 13, 2021

Damiano David, the new and controversial king of Eurovision

Damiano David, the singer of the Maneskin group in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Damiano David, the singer of the Maneskin group in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Many rock stars they are usually subscribed to controversy. For some of them, it is almost as part of promoting their jobs. And it could not be less for the new musical idol of Europe (eurovisually speaking): Damiano David, the leader of Maneskin, the Italian group that this Saturday was crowned the winner in the veteran music competitionHe with his refreshing cheekiness and elaborate glam aesthetic that he pocketed to European audiences.

The young Roman, 22, was the talk of the night not only for his overwhelming performance at the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam (including a kiss to one of his bandmates), but especially for the video that was broadcast as the gunpowder on social networks in which many wanted to see him snorting cocaine. The Italian group hastened to deny the comments, assuring that they are against the consumption of any type of narcotic substances, but when in doubt they have preferred that their vocalist undergo an anti-drug test to stop any suspicions.

Erotic rock myth

The controversy has only fueled interest in the past of this versatile singer, in which many see the new erotic rock myth. Sexy, androgynous and with a certain badass air, Damiano David dares with any ‘look’, as shown on his Instagram profile, where he looks from fishnet sweaters and romantic shirts to leopard print outfits and a Scottish skirt. There is never a lack of eyeshadow, and cigarette in the mouth in another of the classics in its posados.

His first steps in music date back to his teenage days, when he played in the streets of Rome with his Maneskin colleagues back in 2016, shortly after the group created by his high school friends was born. Victoria De Angelis (bassist) and Thomas raggi (guitarist) and who would later be joined by Damiano David and Ethan torchio (drums). The truth is that, reviewing some of their videos, at that time the aesthetics of the four members of the band was much less ‘cool’ and groundbreaking than the current one, although they remain faithful to their origins, even stating that they will return to the streets, where they have been performing until recently, specifically in the central Via del Corso of the Italian capital. “It is the starting point of our trip”, they have pointed out in a recent interview with the newspaper ‘La Repubblica’.

His fame was rising like foam in the transalpine country since they were second in the contest ‘Factor X Italy’, in 2017, and they were lavishing on television intervening as guests on ‘shows’ such as ‘Saturday Night Live’ and ‘Che tempo che fa’. Their passage through the popular ‘talent’ paved the way for them to launch the LP ‘Chosen’, with which they achieved a double platinum record. Then they would release the recordsIl Ballo della Vita ‘and’ Teatro d’ira ‘ (the first, with the premiere in theaters of a documentary film about its recording included), in which songs in Italian predominated with some in English. His victory in the prestigious San Remo Festival gave them the ticket to Eurovision, where they swept the public vote with the power of their ‘Zitti e buoni’ (a kind of ‘Be quiet, you are more handsome’), thus compensating the assessment of the professional juries, who had placed rooms for them.

Four year relationship

In the personal section, Damiano has been romantically related to his partner in Maneskin, Victoria De Angelis, which curiously had been the one who had given the idea to baptize the group with a name from Danish, their mother tongue. However, the singer has recently confirmed his courtship with the 25-year-old model and influencer. Giorgia Soleri, with whom he has been dating for four years. There is talk, even of marriage.

“Rock and roll never dies!” shouted euphoric Damiano on Saturday when he returned to the stage to collect the statuette that crowned them as kings of Eurovision. And the fault of that longevity is that groups like Maneskin continue to appear, willing to keep rock playing even at festivals where it is not usually lavished.


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