April 13, 2021

Dallas passes Harrison Barnes in full game | sports

Dallas passes Harrison Barnes in full game | sports

Harrison Barnes knew while he was playing the game between Dallas and Charlotte (99-93) that he stopped being a Mavericks player to sign for Sacamento Kings. Barnes, 26, once it was known that the transfer had been closed, did not play during the last quarter. The unfortunate manner in which the transaction was carried out provoked the immediate reaction of several players, especially Lebron James.

The star of the Lakers, vice president of the NBA Players Association, wrote on his Instagram account: "Let me imagine that this is interesting because they had to do the best for the franchise, right? Passing this man while he was in full swing and had no idea. I do not criticize who passed it, because it is a business and you have to do what you think is better, but I just want the story to start being real. When a player wants to be exchanged or leave a franchise is a selfish and ungrateful, but when they exchange it, they release or cut it. It's the best for them! "

Jeff Schwarz, Barnes' agent, explained to Paul Pierce, now an ESPN commentator, that the player knew that there were contacts with Sacramento and that the agreement, in effect, occurred while the game was being played.

Barnes left the American Airlines Center without making any statements, although shortly after he tweeted to thank for the two and a half years he has played with the Dallas Mavericks and to express his enthusiasm for the new stage he faces with the Kings. Rick Carlisle, the Mavericks coach, said: "I'm going to miss him a lot, but I guess there has been a great opportunity for his future." Barnes, who led the Mavericks in scoring during the previous two seasons, averaged 17.7 points. In his last game, he played 26 minutes and added 10 points and three rebounds. In exchange for Barnes' pass, the Kings send Dallas to Justin Jackson and veteran Zach Randolph.

The transfer of Barnes left in the background another splendid performance of Luka Doncic, who added his third triple triple in his first season in the NBA with 19 points, 10 rebounds and 11 assists. The Slovenian player, who turns 20 on February 28, beats precocity records.

Sacramento Kings has also been involved in a three-way transfer with Houston Rockets and Cleveland Cavaliers for which he sends Iman Shumpert to Houston. Houston, on the other hand, passes Brandon Knight and Marquese Chriss to the Cavaliers, while Alec Burks arrives in Sacramento. The deadline to make exchanges of players in the NBA concludes this Thursday at nine o'clock at night Spanish time. Marc Gasol, who has not traveled with the Grizzlies to Oklahoma City, where they must play their next game, could be traded in the next few hours. Charlotte Hornets is the great candidate to take their services.

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