Dalas Review: The 'youtuber' accused of sexual harassment of a minor complains about a campaign against him | Society

Dalas Review: The 'youtuber' accused of sexual harassment of a minor complains about a campaign against him | Society

Daniel José Santomé Lemus, alias Dalas Review, at the Audiencia of Madrid.

Daniel José Santomé Lemus, Give them Review, one of the youtubers most known in Spain, has blamed a "conspiracy" against him to sink the accusations against him of harassment. This Friday the trial against him was held at the Provincial Court of Madrid. He is accused of crimes of sexual abuse and harassment of a minor of 13 years. The prosecutor requests five years in prison, 11 years of disqualification and nine years of separation from minors.

Forbidden games, adolescents without fear of the unknown and secret conversations with parents hide behind many of the contacts that minors establish on the Internet with adults without measuring the consequences. Laura, a 13-year-old girl, started chatting on Twitter with Give them Review, who is 25 years old, from there they went to contact by Skype and later to be sent by WhatsApp. The prohibitions on the part of the father to maintain any type of contact with the adult served because she missed them and made two appointments with him in secret from her parents.

The messages crossed between the young person and the minor and the police investigations have enabled the prosecutor to sustain in her final plea the petition of five years in prison, 11 of disqualification and nine years of separation from the girl for the crimes of sexual harassment and cyberbullying for the Internet user. The defendant has denied before the judges that made up the court to have maintained any type of sexual contact with the girl as well as having requested nude photos. "I sent him images with bare chests, but they were hanging in the net, they had no sexual intention," he said. Give them Review.

The girl declared in a room next to the one that was holding the hearing and without visual contact with her alleged aggressor, with a trembling voice in some cases, but forceful in the story of what she lived between 2015 and 2016 with the youtuber. It all began with a tweet and, from there, over the months, they were to be seen twice in Madrid, the first was in the signing of the book written by Daniel José Santomé for Planeta, without the parents of the child knowing of appointments. It was in that second meeting, in the Parque del Retiro in Madrid, knowing how old the girl was, when the touching took place accompanied by phrases of high sexual content. "He started to kiss me and I left him, then he started to touch me on the breasts and vagina saying things like: I want your first time to be with me, that started to scare me, he did not rape me, but he harassed me," said the young woman. declared accompanied by her father.

"I was a fan and I did not do anything." The youtuber denied any emotional or sexual relationship with the minor. Her interest in her, as she testified, was to try to improve the relationships that the teenager had with her parents. "She told me that her mother mistreated her and that she had a disastrous relationship with her, and I told her to talk to her father and tell her everything," she said in her statement.

The story of what happened between the Internet and the minor only coincides in the dates, while the alleged aggressor maintains that he was not more than 15 minutes with her in the appointment they made in Madrid; This says that the meeting lasted for three hours between the Atocha station and a secluded area of ​​the Retiro park. The young woman took several months to tell her parents what had happened to her and these the same day they found out they went to the police station to file a complaint.

The defendant, a canary and resident in Ireland, has 8.5 million subscribers in his channel, for which he receives a significant amount of money. Until shortly before the trial was held against him he was recording several videos and framing the accusations within a campaign orchestrated by a group of children under 16 and the mother of one of them with the sole purpose of discrediting him. "I do not like people talking about me relating to sexual harassment because it's not true, they've wanted to sink me," he said Friday.


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