Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Dakota sets course to without a hair

Dakota pone rumbo a ‘Supervivientes 2019’ sin un pelo

Dakota Tárraga is one of the confirmed contestants to compete in the new edition of
. The one that was known for its sonorous participation in Older brother has decided to embark on Honduras as only she knows: being unique. That's why he wanted to show his preparations to camera without cutting a hair (maybe this last one).

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Thanks to a video published on the Mediaset website, users can check how the last hours of the Dakota in Spain. From how to make the suitcase to how to remove body hair to attend the reality show totally perfect.

"Just as they do not leave me a hair, I do not cut a hair"

"I have shaved whole to go to Honduras," she confessed still on the stretcher where he was removed until the last hair. "Just as they do not leave me a hair, I do not cut a hair", Sentenced between laughter.

And the ex-participant of Big Brother is anything but calm. "I am a very good person but I am very impulsive, I jump in nothing and I have very little fuse for everything," she stressed as soon as she began her presentation. "If there is a prize I have to win it or because this body has to be maintained"He insisted.

The problem is that traveling to Honduras also has its risks. Among them, cockroaches. "I have a disgust ... (...) there are no cockroaches on the island, you can find everything but cockroaches. That in the jungle. " What will happen when it coexists with the different species that exist in the place?

Among his fears also highlights the famous helicopter. "I'm not afraid to fly by plane but I have never climbed in a helicopter ", confessed this one, who assured that she gave "respect" the moment. But she will do it, because she wants to show herself and the viewers "that not everything is what has been seen on TV". The real Dakota arrives, Hurricane Dakota, and a hair on the tongue.

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