Daddy Yankee brings help to the victims of southern P.Rico

The singer Daddy Yankee took this Sunday to help those affected by the earthquakes that have been recorded for days off the southwest coast of Puerto Rico, which have caused a death and thousands of refugees.

“Solidarity and continue working for the country. We know that we are in a bit difficult times, but not losing faith and always moving forward,” the Puerto Rican singer told local media in Guayanilla, where he took humanitarian aid from the refugees.

“I am very proud of Puerto Rico, because we have all shown incredible quality, I am happy,” said Yankee, who had announced that he would travel to the south of the island with help to comfort his countrymen.

The urban music singer, an idol in his country, visited the Magas Abajo neighborhood of Guayanilla and later the Javier Cedeño Lugo stadium, where he was received by hundreds of people who wanted to shake hands with the artist.

The artist was accompanied by his representative, Raphy Pina, who highlighted the desire to contribute in helping the Puerto Rican people.

Yankee thus joins other Puerto Rican artists committed to their peers who try to alleviate with their support the suffering of the population of the southwest of the island.

Puerto Rican René Pérez “Residente” also visited the south of the island on Saturday to help victims of the damage caused by the earthquakes that shake the Caribbean territory since last December 28.

“Resident” had informed through his Twitter account that he would move south to help help the needy, thousands of people who remain on the streets in fear that new tremors will collapse their homes or shelters where they remain to receive assistance.

Puerto Rico continues to suffer the consequences of a seismic activity that does not cease, because of an increase in the thousands of refugees who sleep on the streets for fear of new tremors on the island, with an economy that is increasingly punished.

The Caribbean territory suffered on Saturday night and early Sunday Sunday replicas of the earthquake last Tuesday, of magnitude 6.4, which left one dead and hundreds of structures damaged, which is why citizens continue to flow to the shelters, many whose homes they remain intact but they fear landslides due to the intense seismic activity.


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