Da World of Down Syndrome | 'The luck of having you', the emotional tribute to people with this disability - The Province

Da World of Down Syndrome | 'The luck of having you', the emotional tribute to people with this disability - The Province

Down Spain has launched the 'The luck of having you', a campaign that aims to be a tribute to what people with Down syndrome contribute to those around them, on the occasion of World Down Syndrome Day which is celebrated this Thursday, March 21.

As the organization has advanced, the spot shows a four-year-old girl with her older brother, who has Down syndrome. For the little one, her brother "It is the best in the world" because he "takes care of you and makes you happy".

"There are people who look at you weird", says the girl, "because they do not know him well". The final message of the spot is an inspiring message addressed to the whole society: "My brother is perfect as he is, I wish all the children had my luck".

Down Spain hopes to make the campaign a viral success and reach a million views for this March 21, World Down Syndrome Day. The objective, as indicated by the organization, is that society knows and includes people with this disability, a group that in Spain is made up of 35,000 people.

On the other hand, on March 21, Down Spain has organized a colloquium in which 250 children between 7 and 12 years of the Hope School of Madrid will participate in a meeting with how many people with Down syndrome "whose lives are an example of overcoming personal".

As the organization has advanced, it is about Cristina I. Domínguez, actress of television and theater, poet and writer; Carmen Jiménez, Technician in Pharmacy and Parapharmacy and first Erasmus student; Manolo Romero, first flamenco singer with this disability and athlete; and Raúl Rodríguez, model and swimming champion in various modalities.

Thus, he explained that, during that meeting, schoolchildren can talk with them about Down syndrome, know their life projects, ask them about the barriers they have had to overcome and the prejudices they have had to face over the years. of their life.

"A unique opportunity for these children to know from childhood how people with Down syndrome are demolish false prejudices and stereotypes associated with this disability. Sensitization from an early age means that later in adulthood sensitivity to people with some disability will be much greater, "he said.

Hearts supporting the campaign

Likewise, Down Spain will launch on March 21 a campaign on social networks inviting society to join the collective with the hashtag #LaSuertedeTenerte that aspires to become Trending Topic on Twitter.

To do this, he has made a sticker in the shape of a heart and will ask everyone to join the campaign by taking a selfie or recording a video with the sticker and sharing it on their social networks with the hashtag #LaSuertedeTenerte. The stickers will be available on the Down Spain website (www.sindromedown.net) along with an infographic that will explain how they can join the campaign.


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