Da International de la Mujer: The feminist tide grows and for Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - The Province

Da International de la Mujer: The feminist tide grows and for Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - The Province

The feminist tide, thousands of women and hundreds of men against discrimination and in favor of real equality between the sexes, rose from the historic mobilizations of 2018 to overflow and stop for more than three and a half hours yesterday afternoon the Gran Canaria capital as final wave of the labor, student, consumer and care strike convened on the occasion of the international day of March 8. After the banner If we stop the world stops, the Feminist Network of Gran Canaria gathered at the evening of International Women's Day 12,000 people, according to the bird's eye view of the National Police, between the squares of The fair and Santa Ana beyond 7:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., official moments of the beginning and end of a peaceful and festive demonstration as diverse and demanding.

However, the purple flow warned of its unstoppable rise forever through a manifesto exclaimed by Noelia Sánchez Y Herminia Fajardo as spokespersons for the network of islanders collectives. "We want ourselves free, we want us alive, feminist, combative and rebellious!", Demanded the joint text before concluding: "Today [por ayer], the feminist strike does not end: We will continue until we get the world we want! "

An incessant struggle thanks to the strength of sorority, because the multitudinous action among women is what allows the advancement of the feminist movement, Fajardo and Sánchez, in representation of a "multiple and diverse identity", were yanked before shouting "¡ Enough!" to the "aggressions, humiliations or exclusions" to demand a sufficient budget for the State Pact Against the Male violence. It suffices also "of machista, daily and invisible violence" suffered by all, "of oppression by our orientations and sexual identities" before social LGTBIfobia, of "salary discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace" and of racism, enumerated the spokespersons of the violet mesh under a feminist insignia next to the official flags of the capital city council.

After remembering that they "reproduce life", they demanded the recognition and redistribution of some care and domestic tasks that, despite their gratuity or devaluation, are essential for collective existence. "We call for rebellion and the struggle against patriarchy and capitalism that wants us to be docile, submissive and silent," Noelia and Herminia appealed to the "worst working conditions", including the glass ceiling.


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