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Da del Padre: the best phrases to congratulate you - The Province

Each day should beMarch, 19,Father's day.Also, every day should be the first Sunday of May,Mother's Day.But make no mistake, the daily routine does not let us be as grateful, kind, attentive or loving that we should be with our parents.

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Therefore, next Tuesday,Father's day,It becomes the ideal moment to unleash our feelings and through beautiful words, congratulate our father figure. If the lyrics resist you and you need inspiration, thiscompilation of phrases by famous and anonymous authors, it will help you to get a smile, or a tear of emotion, from your dear father.

On March 19, Father's Day is celebrated. Photo: Shutterstock

Famous quotes to congratulate Father's Day

  • "The dream of the hero, is to be great everywhere and small next to his father" (Víctor Hugo)
  • "A good father is worth a hundred teachers" (Jean-Jacques Rousseau)
  • "It does not matter who my father was, the important thing is who I remember him to be" (Anne Sexton)
  • "A father is not the one who gives life, that would be too easy, a father is the one who gives love" (Denis Lord)
  • "Only a father, but the best man" (Edgard Guest)
  • "A brother is a consolation, a friend is a treasure, a father is both" (Benjamin Franklin)
  • "By the time a man realizes that maybe his father was right, he already has a son of his own who thinks his father is wrong" (Charles Wadsworth)
  • "How great wealth is it, even among the poor, to be the son of a good father!" (Juan Luis Vives)
  • "It is a wise man who knows his own son" (William Shakespeare)
  • "We do not know the love of parents, until we have our own children" (Henry Ward Beecher)

Anonymous quotes to congratulate Father's Day

  • "Some heroes do not have a cloak, we call them father, Happy father's day!" (Anonymous)
  • "Sometimes the poorest man leaves his children the richest inheritance" (Anonymous)
  • "To be a father is to plant and take root, is to teach life hand in hand, with courage and determination" (Anonymous)
  • "I have childhood memories in which I saw you as a giant, today I am an adult ... I see you even bigger" (Anonymous)
  • "As time passes, I know that your face changes, but I also know that your heart does not, I want you to know that your presence in my life motivates me to keep fighting" (Anonymous)
  • "When a newborn squeezes with his little fist, for the first time, his father's finger, it has him trapped forever" (Anonymous)
  • "Being a father is like having two hearts and understanding that the most important of them is outside of your body" (Anonymous)
  • "The best legacy of a father to his children is a bit of his time every day" (Anonymous)
  • "Father is not the one who begets, but who really brings up and loves" (Anonymous)
  • "Dad, even after so many years, when I remember you, I'll meet you again and love you again (Anonymous)

Images to congratulate Father's Day

On the other hand, in the digital and technological era in which we live, congratulate parents through social networks or messaging applications, it becomes a very convenient and direct way. WhatsApp, in particular, offers numerous possibilities to surprise your father in his day. Through the social network you cansend funny animated gifs, original videos or the typical love and affectionate phrases.

TheseCongratulationsfor himFather's dayThey can become the most original. You will not need to spend a single euro and, surely, you will surprise the man who has marked and guided your life.

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