Da del Padre 2019: ten songs to celebrate this day - La Provincia

Da del Padre 2019: ten songs to celebrate this day - La Provincia

This Tuesday, March 19 is the day stipulated in the calendar so that parents also have their recognition for the persevering and propping task they perform for their children on a day-to-day basis.

We take advantage of the commemoration of the day of the parents to recover a dozen compositions that extol their relevance of the most various ways.

Cat Stevens

"I never really understood my father, but he always let me do what I wanted to do. Father and Son it's for those people who can not let go, "he said. Cat Stevens (now Yusuf Islam) in an interview about the meaning of this classic that, therefore, is pure love.


Sometimes you can not make it on your own is the painful song of the U2 leader, Bono, for his deceased father. His eloquent verses encourage that phone call that sometimes is lazy, while helping us to admit that, as children, sometimes we are not as strong as we think. And we need him and he is there for whatever.

Pearl Jam

The 1991 debut of the American band, Ten, closes this evocative song that it's actually a call to the lost father: "Oh dear dad, Can you see me now, I am myself, Like you somehow. I'll wait up in the dark for you to speak to me, I'll open up Release me Release me Release me Release me".

Eric Clapton

My Father's Eyes is inspired by the fact that Eric Clapton he could never meet his father, who died in 1985. The subject describes with a certain adorable tone how the British musician imagined that they would be his father's eyes.

Chet Atkins

I still can not say goodbye is an emotional song by a Chet Atkins helpless who longs deeply to your father. "No matter how hard I try, No matter how many tears I cry, No matter how many years go by, I still can not say goodbye".

Alejandro Sanz

Alejandro Sanz pulls emotional lyric on this subject entitled That gave me life: "With your smile of half a lao, how many I love you, you'll be quiet, how many things you still keep in your pockets." With your eternal cigarette, with your pocket and your carelessness, you're not just the one who signs in the family book. Nor are you the silence on the couch, watching a match in sneakers"


Mi Viejo is a song by Piero that has marked several generations of Spanish speakers with stanzas as incisive as these: "I have the new years and the man is old, pain takes him inside and has a history without time. Now he walks slowly, as if forgiving the wind, I am your blood, my old man. I am your silence and your time"

The Ronaldos

The things as they are, in comparison with the previous artists, The Ronaldos seem a 'despegaos' without heart. The pint of chulito Coque Malla At that time it did not help to think otherwise either. And that "goodbye dad goodbye dad, get us some more money" and finished the job.


Papa do not preach is a request for help in capital letters, from a girl who has grown too fast and now he has to face a pregnancy. That's why she asks her father not to scold her and be strong to be by her side. Because even the always rocky and impassable Madonna has her moments of weakness. And the father, because there is the man, with her.

George Michael

Okay, Father Figure is really a obvious story of sensual seduction, but the English musician says things that reveal the importance of that father figure: "I will be your father figure, put your tiny hand in mine, I will be your preacher teacher, anything you have in mind".


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