CV Guaguas ensures the continuity of Matt Knigge next season

Matt Knigge (13) celebrates a point during a game this season.  |  |  LP / DLP

Matt Knigge (13) celebrates a point during a game this season. | | LP / DLP

CV Guaguas ensures the continuity of Matt Knigge next season. The North American center-back has reached an agreement with the Gran Canaria entity to renew its commitment to the club during the 2021-22 course. In his second season in the Super League, the American has established himself as one of the best in the championship in his position, taking a step forward to become one of the fundamental pillars for coach Sergio Miguel Camarero.

His improvement in blocking during this campaign, together with his powerful serve and his forcefulness in the net, make Matt Knigge a life insurance for the Gran Canaria, who after ensuring the continuity of Paulo Renan Bertassoni and the signing of Borja Ruiz, did not They have hesitated when it comes to renewing the North American power station for one more season.

In this first season at CV Guaguas, the North American managed to finish the regular season as the second best center-back in the Super League, accumulating up to four inclusions in the ideal team of the day, as well as an additional one in the ideal seven of the Copa del Rey that his team won at the Insular Sports Center.

“Juan Ruiz, the president, and I have been talking for the last few weeks about the possibility of renewing my contract with the team for next season and the truth is that until then it was not something I had been thinking about too much , because he was 100% focused on both the Copa del Rey and the season in the Super League, ”says Knigge.

The American recognizes that he is "very happy" on the island and feels that he is progressing "a lot" as a player. "After winning the Copa del Rey, I looked around me, at my teammates, I noticed the CV Guaguas project and the player I was in August when I joined the team compared to who I am now," he acknowledges.

“In my country we have a saying that if something is not broken, don't fix it. In this situation I thought that if I am happy with the team and with the sporting success we are having, with the opportunity to live in the Canary Islands, with the quality of life that we have here, why would I want to change? ”, Reflects the North American.

Matt Knigge believes that he still has room for improvement: “I am a young player, the youngest in the squad this season and I think I have to continue to progress individually during the next season and during the playoff, working a lot hand in hand with our coaching staff. and with the most experienced players ”.

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In a different vein, Guaguas offers the team's first kit for sale at a price of 25 euros, complying with the request of its fans. The Luanvi brand garments will be available at the club's offices at the Centro Insular de Deportes in the capital of Gran Canaria.


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