June 18, 2021

CV 7 Palmas goes to the final of the Copa de la Reina for the first time

CV 7 Palmas passes for the first time to the final of the Copa de la Reina

CV 7 Palmas passes for the first time to the final of the Copa de la Reina

CV CCO 7 Palmas has passed for the first time to the final of the 46th edition of the Volleyball Queen’s Cup after having beaten Sanaya Libby’s La Laguna this Saturday in the tie-break (3-2) in what was the first semifinal match of the tournament.

The Canarian derby that faced Tenerife and Gran Canaria this Saturday at the Insular Sports Center (CID) of Gran Canaria started 5-3 for the whole of La Laguna, which started the competition in this phase for being one of the two best teams of the Iberdrola League at the end of the first round.

The Gran Canaria Olympian wanted to continue advancing in the KO tournament, so he managed to equal 5 and get ahead on the scoreboard with a significant income of seven points (13-6).

When the final stretch of the sleeve approached, the Gran Canaria doubled in points to the lagoons (18-9). Some reception failures hurt the Tenerife, who struggled to recover the difference in the locker, but the locals won the set by a comfortable 25-16 (1-0).

The second set started with equality (7-7). It was very difficult for both clubs to get a relevant advantage that would help them win the set but Haris managed to tip the balance in their favor with a 3-0 (13-16) run that quickly turned into a 6-0 (14-20) run. ).

The Gran Canaria could cut a good part of the difference (20-22) but those of La Laguna added their first set 25-21 (1-1).

The third set started with the same dynamics of equality as the second and also with a tie at 7. The Tenerife club took an advantage (11-8) and the Gran Canaria, ready to reach the final of the competition, matched again to 15 and to go ahead (20-16).

Sanaya Libby’s La Laguna recovered (21-20) but could not prevent the Olympian from taking the set 25-22 after some long and highly contested final points (2-1).

At the beginning of the fourth round of the tie, the Laguneras doubled the hosts of the Cup (4-8) who recovered again. After a tug of war throughout the set, in which neither team wanted to give up, La Laguna won the set 23-25 ​​and tied the match again (2-2).

In the tie-break, a very successful Olympian was 4-1 ahead of the Tenerife team, who had no opportunity to score more than 9 points when 7 Palmas took the set (15-9) and the match (3- 1).

This is the first time that the CV CCO 7 Palmas reaches a final of the Copa de la Reina, which will take place this Sunday at 12:00 Canary time at the CID in the capital of Gran Canaria.

The second semifinal of this edition of the KO tournament faces Avarca de Menorca this Saturday at 7:00 p.m., which has accessed this phase in the same way as Sanaya Libby’s, and Feel Volley Alcobendas, which won its pass to the semifinals this Friday at prevail against OSACC Haro Rioja Voley (3-2).

Data sheet:

3.CV CCO 7 Palmas: Saray Manzano, Ana Flavia Galvao, Lucía Varela, Helia González, Victoria Foucher, Lucrecia Castellano and Alba Sánchez (libero). Coach: Pascual Saurín.

2. Sanaya Libby’s La Laguna: Patricia Suárez, Lisa Marie Jeanpierre, Patricia Aranda, Jessica Wagner, Ola Jenelle, Lisbet Arredondo and Patricia Llabrés (libero). Coach: Juan Diego García.

Partial: 25-16 (29 min.), 21-25 (24 min.), 25-22 (26 min.), 23-25 ​​(28 min.) And 15-9 (14 min.).

Referees: Carlos Alberto Robles García and María Gloria Souto Jiménez.

Incidents: first semifinal of the 2021 Volleyball Queen’s Cup, played with the presence of nearly two hundred fans in the pavilion of the Centro Insular de Deportes de Gran Canaria. A minute’s silence has been observed for the death of international referee Miguel Chito Gómez.


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