Cuts Zero-Green Group protests against TVE for discriminatory treatment

Cuts Zero-Green Group protests against TVE for discriminatory treatment

A group of the electoral coalition Cero-Green Group cuts has been planted tonight in front of the studios of Radio Televisión Española in Prado del Rey, Madrid, in protest of what they consider the discriminatory treatment of the public entity in the presence of other forces policies

His protest took place while the electoral debate was being held for "six" candidates and upon hearing the request of the Central Electoral Board (JEC) to RTVE to clarify "the way" in which it will cover the Zero Cutting campaign. Green Group

The JEC partially estimated the training resource, which complained to the Board because in La 1 of TVE, at the beginning of the campaign, information was given on PACMA and Vox (twelve and ten seconds, respectively), but not on them .

Coalition spokespersons told Efe that they present candidates in one hundred percent of the 52 districts of the upcoming elections of 28-A, "something that only four national formations meet and yet this fact has not had any informational impact on RTVE "

"In addition, they added, it is the only candidacy that presents all the lists headed by women, which is unprecedented in recent Spanish history."

Among the twenty demonstrators were several heads of list of some provinces and Madrid, who wore banners with their motto "Redistribute wealth" and "For the right to information."

Last Friday, Curtes Cero-Grupo Verde denounced before the Central Electoral Board (JEC) the "exclusive" information treatment that, in its opinion, is receiving despite the fact that it has the "will, strength, program and support" that makes it worthy of a space in the media.


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