July 28, 2021

Cuts in the widow's pension, who would it affect?

Cuts in the widow's pension, who would it affect?


The Secretary of State for Social Security, Octavio Granado, today opened the melon for the reform of widow's pensions, an issue that all governments have wanted to do but none has dared. Now, when the Executive is in office, the Ministry of Labor calls for changes to be made in pensions that today receive more than two million recipients.

What is the purpose of the widow's pension?

To cover the economic needs of the beneficiary in case of the death of the person who originates the benefit. It intends to avoid the lack of protection in the family unit if the relative was the only one or the main generator of income in it.

What would the reform that Labor now proposes?

In linking the widow's benefits to certain levels of income of the beneficiary or in the event that the deceased was the least paid of the couple, the widow's pension of the survivor not for life. Or both issues at the same time. "That someone who charges five times more than his spouse and remains widowed continues to receive a widow's pension for life is very questionable," says Octavio Granado.

Will it affect the current recipients?

No. Only new receivers. The laws are never retroactive when they cut rights, as would happen in this case.

How many beneficiaries are widow's pensions and how much do they cost the system?

Currently almost 2.4 million pensioners receive the contributory benefit for widowhood. A reform of this benefit would affect an expenditure of close to 24,000 million.

How much does a widow's pension beneficiary charge on average?

The average benefit is 708 euros per month, below the 985 euros average that is charged for a pension in Spain.

How is the amount of the widow's pension calculated?

It is 52% of the regulatory base, in general. And from January 1 the percentage applicable to the regulatory base of the widow's pension is 60%, when the beneficiary has an age equal to or greater than 65 years, has no right to another Spanish or foreign public pension, does not receive income from performing work for others or for their own account and does not have income from movable or real estate capital, capital gains or income from economic activities, in excess of 7,569.00 euros / year.

The amount is calculated taking into account 70% of the regulatory base if there are no other income or if during the entire period of receipt of the pension the beneficiary has similar charges.


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