Cutouts for Pride Day

Works from the 'Series X' by Mateo Fetén (above) and 'Platos rotos' by David Trullo, exhibited in 'Sin dobleces'. / CR

Exposition. Collage with different techniques serves seven artists to address LGTBI diversity and the reuse of materials in the collective exhibition 'Sin dobleces'

Domenico Chiappe

In search of magazines published before the eighties, Mateo Fetén explores flea markets, friends' houses, second-hand stores, online sales platforms and even containers. "Diogenes lives in me," confesses Fetén. Those old papers are the raw material for his collages, where the male figure appears as the central element, taken from advertisements for strongmen or explicit scenes from ancient erotic magazines.

«I want to talk about the sexualization that we do on the male body even in contexts that should not provoke it, such as sports. I also want to vindicate the beauty of the images of male bodies in the porn magazines of the seventies: decontextualized they are surprisingly poetic", says Fetén, one of the seven artists exhibiting in the group show 'Sin dobleces', organized at CasaSur ( Madrid), on the occasion of LGTBI Pride Day.

Creators such as Aurora Duque participate in it, who uses images from almost a century-old magazines to cut out images and intervene in them; David Trullo, who uses the photographic image on ceramics in his series 'Broken Plates'; or Lo Super, which dialogues with LGTBI claims in the series 'Evolution Kuir!', in addition to Alain Cugnenc, Marcelo Mendonça, Tomás Valdivieso and Fetén.

The works gathered in this exhibition -which can be seen from June 23 to July 13- seek to convey a message "sprinkling political vindication with the party from a specific discipline: that of collage", says the exhibition's curator, Javier Díaz-Guardiola, in his curatorial text 'Cut + (un)paste'. "I don't consider my art to be political, although I do like to think that it pollutes zero percent," reflects Fetén, who attends the exhibition with 'Series X'. "Pure recycling. Beauty out of the trash. And the politics of the 21st century is environmental, or it is not real politics.

The art of cutting and pasting can play with multiple images or, on the contrary, with minimalism, as is the case with Fetén. «There is a fairly widespread trend of collage that achieves its intention based on the superposition of elements. I seek the opposite: to project a message with the minimum. So much so, that for a while I became obsessed with making collages with just two cutouts. Right now I only do it with a figurative cutout and a color stain," says Fetén, who warns that this old craft can now become "a reaction to the digitization of everything around us."

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