Customs urges the 'import-export' sector to prepare for a hard'brexit' – The Province

Customs urges the 'import-export' sector to prepare for a hard'brexit' - The Province

The Department of Customs and Special Taxes recommended yesterday to Spanish exporters and importers to start evaluating the impact that the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union (EU) would have without agreement. The growing possibility of this situation occurring, known asbrexithard led the heads of the department to recommend to the companies that "advance as far as possible the necessary procedures" to maintain the commercial flow with Britain. Until September of last year, the Islands sold to the country that abandons the common project worth 35.43 million euros, the historical low at the end of the third quarter.

The British House of Commons approved yesterday an initiative that forces the government of the conservative Theresa May to present in three days aplan Bfor the departure of the EU if, as expected, the deputies knock down the current Exit Agreement on Tuesday. It is the second parliamentary defeat of May in just 24 hours, after Tuesday of this week the Commons approved a budget amendment that limits the spending for the preparations of abrexithard and demands the approval of the Chamber to expand it.

The most optimistic still defend as logical the increase in tension as the date for disconnection approaches (March 29). But there is no lack of those who maintain that this scheme is applicable only to the United Kingdom-Brussels negotiation, but not to the internal processing that the British make of thebrexit. Hence, Customs has sent the letter to various companies and sectoral organizations, including the Spanish fruit and vegetable employers Fepex, in which it warns that if the departure occurs without agreement, the British market would be considered "third country without any specific preference ".

This scenario can have a "significant effect" between the exporters and their logistic flows, since from that moment they will have to present an export customs declaration and there will be customs controls and payments of customs duties. To these formalities, the letter adds, other taxes related to "sanitary, phytosanitary, quality or other certifications" can be added.

Customs also points out that the shipment of goods from the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands and the Peninsula to the British country will require the presentation of a normal customs declaration that, depending on the type and volume of traffic, can be simplified.

In matters of indirect taxation (IGIC orVAT), specifies that shipments of products to the United Kingdom will be exempt as exports, contrary to imports, which will be subject to the payment of said tax and that will be settled in the customs declaration. With regard to excise duties, Customs refers to the EU customs regulations for those products that are taxed with them.

In a statement, the horticultural employers Fepex was concerned about the impact of future customs controls in the event of abrexitwithout agreement and considered it a priority to establish "mechanisms to manage the high volume of traffic and avoid collapse in access at border points such as Dover." As an example, the business organization explained that only last April 2018 there were 6,000 trucks with a total of 130,862 tons of Spanish fruit and vegetables destined for the United Kingdom, to which maritime shipments were added with another 5,316 tons.

According to the calendar so far in force, on 15 January the British deputies will hold the vote that should have taken place on 11 December. In it they will decide if they support or reject the text agreed with Brussels at the end of November. In case thedo not, the Government had until now 21 days to announce its plan.

However, Conservative and Labor deputies joined yesterday to launch the new initiative, which went ahead with 308 votes in favor and 297 against. May's defeat on Tuesday came with 303 votes in favor of limiting government spending and 296 against. In addition, the initiative approved yesterday states that deputies may add amendments to the new road map to be submitted by the prime minister, which may facilitate that alternatives are put to vote as holding a second plebiscite or postpone thebrexit.

The amendment yesterday was put on the table by a member of the Conservative Party, which is divided into at least three factions: the pro-Europeans who defend a new referendum, those who support the pact proposed by the head of government and the most Eurosceptic wing, that sees with good eyes an exit in waybrexithard.

On the other hand, a spokesman for the Labor Party insisted that the leader of the opposition,Jeremy Corbyn, deck to present a motion of censure against the Government if it loses next Tuesday's vote, although it has not yet decided if it will do so immediately.

In the midst of this confusing situation, the German Economy Minister, Peter Altmaier, stressed yesterday that it is "essential" to prepare in all areas, especially the economic, for the possibility of an exit without agreement, which, he confirmed, "would seriously affect to the economy ", although he did not give more details.


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