Customers will be able to take their leftovers from restaurants in their own containers

Bars and restaurants must offer their customers at no cost the possibility of taking food that they have not consumed on the premises, for which they will have to provide reusable or easily recyclable packaging, or accept a container from the consumer himself.

This measure is part of the Royal Decree that regulates and clarifies certain requirements regarding hygiene and marketing of food products that are served in retail establishments, for which the Ministry of Consumer Affairs has opened a public hearing this Monday that will last 15 days.

The ministry headed by Alberto Garzón estimates that this measure will “positively” affect more than 350,000 establishments, so “the local economy will be boosted, food guarantees will be improved and sustainability will be promoted.”

Retail trade establishments must also allow the use of reusable containers provided by the consumer himself at the time of purchase, but the latter will be responsible for their hygiene and possible food safety problems that arise. could derive.

If it is the retailer itself that dispenses food products in glass, metal or ceramic containers, these can be reused as long as they have equipment that guarantees adequate cleaning and disinfection of the containers when they are returned by customers.

In addition, to avoid food waste, these establishments may sell products that present defects in shape, size, labeling or packaging when they do not affect their safety and consumers are informed of this circumstance.

The exception is canned food that is bulging, as this defect may indicate a food safety problem.

With regard to food products made by the retail establishments themselves, these must be labeled according to current regulations but, on a voluntary basis, they may include the labels of “made by” or “self-made” in an indication next to the product. when it is not packaged.

According to Consumption, the public hearing seeks to enrich the norm with the opinion of citizens, organizations and associations.


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