Custo Barcelona or Jorge Vázquez agendas? We give it to you with Woman

We give you the most stylish agenda to start 2021

We give you the most stylish agenda to start 2021

There is an exact month until Christmas and in Woman we have advanced the gifts. Yes, this is how you read it. In this December issue of our magazine you will not only find the best fashion, trends and lifestyle content, you can also get hold of the most beautiful agenda of 2021.

This year we wanted to celebrate Spanish fashion and that is why we brought together five important designers such as: Ailanto, Custo Barcelona, ​​Jorge Vázquez, Juan Vidal and The 2nd Skin, so that they were responsible for creating this exclusive agenda that will accompany you throughout 2021. The best thing besides its design? Is that he has the ideal size so that you can take it everywhere and become your most faithful companion.

If you still don't have yours, why wait to go to your nearest kiosk? And it is that we not only give you this great agenda, we also have another surprise for you: a ideal lipstick by Salerm Cosmetics. Yes, we know, we come loaded with gifts!

In this new issue of Woman you will find everything you need to know for Christmas from ideas to give the more original gifts, even looks and beauty tips to succeed at parties and of course, also ideas of plans for different parties. In addition, Tamara Falcó talks about the year that changed her life and her faith in a better future.

"And the December issue arrived, and with it the closing of an intense year. We give way to special dates, different parties that we will try to fill with unforgettable moments. ILLUMINATE is the chosen term, and faith in a better future which makes us look forward with hope. All this with the model Egle Jezepcikaite on the cover. "


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