July 25, 2021

Cursed sad and revolutionary clown | TV

Cursed sad and revolutionary clown | TV

If you can not change your life, try to at least change the world. Something like that must have been said actor Jim Carrey before taking the brush, start drawing cartoons of Trump, and ask the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, the museum that exposes the portraits of the presidents of the US, to choose one of the his so that posterity would be very clear how grotesquely laughable his mandate had been.

Remember Jim Carrey? He was the funniest guy of the nineties. Then he lost his head. And now he seems to be recovering it again, changing the void he was talking about in Jim and Andy -An documentary about how Carrey literally became the comedian Andy Kaufman to play him in the movie Man on the Moon (1999) – for an anti-Trump activism that has even led him to ask his followers to leave Facebook. Why? Because he says that Facebook is bad and that the Russians manipulated him so that Donald Trump won the elections.

Whatever he does, Jim Carrey needs to play a role. Inside and outside the screen. As they say to his character in Kidding (Movistar +), Mr. Pickels, a kind of television clown who makes children laugh while at home, like Jeff, mourns the death of his son, "you are two people", and one of the two is deeply depressed at what what happened. But also, like any successful clown worth his salt, "for the wear and tear of keeping the face you created."

Carrey's grief is the clown's grief, and he was there from the beginning. In The mask (1994), played a sad and sad guy, a loser the size of an apartment with cockroaches, who became a born winner when he put on the mask in question. Nobody noticed that his face was green. Nobody cared about his appearance. Just how fun it was. There is the curse.


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