Culture solves the economic grievance with some National Awards and creates one more

Culture solves the economic grievance with some National Awards and creates one more

The Ministry of Culture, led by Miquel Iceta, reinforces its award policy as one of its lines of support for arts and culture in Spain. The portfolio has just announced the creation of a new National Award dedicated to Cinematographic and Audiovisual Heritage, with the aim of “highlighting the work of people, institutions and organizations that have developed or are developing initiatives and projects for the recovery, conservation and dissemination of cinematographic heritage. and audiovisual. It will be endowed with 30,000 euros.

José María Merino, National Award for Spanish Letters 2021

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Iceta creates this award dedicated to the audiovisual heritage despite the fact that during his command at the head of the cultural portfolio he decided stop heritage law that his predecessors, José Guirao and Juan Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, wanted to release.

In the same publication of the BOE, the Ministry has announced a review of the endowment of some National Awards and thus compare them to others and solve the criticism for the comparative grievances towards the different artistic areas. The prizes to which the endowment is increased with the National Prizes for Literature, which goes from 40,000 to 50,000 euros, and those for the History of Spain, for the Best Translation, for the Work of a Translator, for Cultural Journalism and for the Comic. The latter have risen from 20,000 euros to 30,000.

And two prizes that until now had a merely honorary character, the Nationals for the Best Cultural Editorial Work and the Promotion of Reading, from now on will receive an endowment, also of 30,000 euros.

In this way, the only hierarchy that is established between prizes is that of the National Prize for Letters, the best endowed, in order to give it "the special relevance it deserves in the field of literature in Spain", according to the Ministry. And, from there, everyone else will have the same financial reward.

The spectrum of National Awards granted by the Ministry is wide. These are 30 recognitions —including the new one dedicated to Cinematographic and Audiovisual Heritage—, in the fields of Fine Arts; Cinema and Audiovisuals; the Book, the Reading and the Letters; the Performing Arts and Music; the Historical Heritage; Cultural Industries and Bullfighting.

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