Culture reconsiders the creation of the Provincial Archive of Madrid committed to the General Budgets | Culture

Culture reconsiders the creation of the Provincial Archive of Madrid committed to the General Budgets | Culture

The Ministry of Culture is rethinking the creation of the Provincial Historical Archive of Madrid, despite the fact that the previous team (with the Government of the PP) left it compromised in the General State Budgets of 2018, with 100,000 euros reserved to start bidding on the works. Despite this, says a department spokesman directed by José Guirao, "there has been no analysis, no study or a possible location for this file has been indicated, so the first thing the ministry will do is study if it's viable or not and then a decision will be made about it. " Among other issues, the question is whether the 100,000 euros budgeted would be sufficient.

The Ministry of Culture of the Community of Madrid, which two weeks ago insisted that the plan went ahead, did not want to comment on it. But the fact is that, the regional government, of the PP, has been claiming almost a decade the creation of this new provincial historical archive, equal to the other 45 that already exist in Spain, that is, of State ownership and management transferred to the autonomies. In fact, they point out in several documents that, together with Navarra, Madrid is the only uniprovincial community that lacks this type of organization. They do not have a provincial archive in A Coruña, Valencia or Barcelona, ​​although Minister Guirao announced last Wednesday his intention to create it in the Catalan capital.

Back to the case of Madrid, despite the spokesman of the Ministry says that it is not indicated "a possible headquarters", the deputy director general of Archives of Madrid said 15 days ago to this newspaper that the regional government has been offering years and has prepared for its assignment – for the ministry to begin tendering the works and the construction of the new historical archive – a plot in the Valdebernardo neighborhood, in the east of the city of Madrid, and that only the approval of the ministerial order of creation of the organism. An order whose draft was already ready -according to a follow-up document of the plans of the department last February, when it was still run by Íñigo Fernández de Vigo, of the PP-, and that the previous ministerial team had promised to publish the Official State Gazette before the end of 2018, according to government sources from Madrid.

In addition, the General State Budgets approved last July – when the PSOE had already formed a Government after the motion of censure to Mariano Rajoy – include among the functions and objectives entrusted to the Directorate General of Fine Arts and Cultural Heritage: "Create by Ministerial Order the Provincial Historical Archive of Madrid "and the" initiation of the tender for the project for the construction of the new headquarters ", for which there are reserved, in the investment section for this year, 100,000 euros.

A necessary organism, according to the archivists

For the Spanish Federation of Associations of Archivists, Librarians, Archaeologists, Museologists and Documentalists (Anabad), the Provincial Historical Archive of Madrid is absolutely necessary, since this type of centers are legally responsible for "collecting the notarial deeds with more than 100 years, the accounting of mortgages and the documentation coming from the provincial delegations of the Treasury, Provincial Hearings and the peripheral General Administration and, in many cases, of professional associations"explains the president of Anabad, José María Nogales, in fact, his existence could have prevented the controversial destruction of documents that projects The Official College of Architects of Madrid (COAM), adds.

He also insists that none of the other files that exist in the community compensate, at least at this time, for his absence. "Madrid, like any other province, must have a provincial historical file other than the regional one, unless the law of the corresponding autonomous community says that it assumes the functions of the first, which does not happen now, and endows of the necessary means. "


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