Culture prepares 10.2 million euros for direct aid to cinemas

A couple in a movie theater.

A couple in a movie theater.
María José López / EP

The Ministry of Culture and Sports has drawn up a draft Royal decree that contemplates the award of 10.2 million euros in direct aid to movie theaters "which have been greatly affected by the extraordinary situation" of the health crisis caused by the COVID-19.

In the text, to which Europa Press has had access, it is recalled that the cinematographic exhibition subsector was forced to completely close the theaters due to force majeure during a good part of 2020, and subsequently, it has faced the resumption of its activity business "with significant capacity limitations".

The document has already been sent to the exhibitors and they have a period of seven working days to submit observations before the aid package is submitted to the Council of Ministers, as the newspaper 'ABC' has advanced and sources from the film sector have confirmed to Europa Press.

Culture justifies this aid in the context of "a clear spectator attendance drop caused both by the existing health uncertainty and by the reduction in the supply of movie premieres that expected a better scenario. "

The Department of Iceta understands that movie theaters, whose income depends on the sale of tickets and the participation of an audience, make up one of the subsectors "most affected" by the covid and it also affects distribution companies and producers of cinematographic works.

"These exceptional circumstances make it necessary to give support to the rooms so that they remain open and carry out activities of cinematographic exhibition and execution of cultural projects as well as the promotion and attraction of audiences regularly so that, given the circumstances of the pandemic, the habit of having access to a varied cultural offer that would not be carried out without this support is not lost, putting the survival of many of them at risk ", collects the draft of the Royal Decree.

The Royal decree points out that the beneficiary companies will have to allocate the subsidy to keep the cinemas open and carry out activities of cinematographic exhibition and execution of cultural projects, as well as the promotion and attraction of the public, from January 1, 2021 to January 31, December 2021, excluding from this aid to the rooms 'X'.

Eligible expenses include several sections such ass costs of maintenance and upkeep of buildings, costs of activities aimed at loyalty and creation of audiences or the value of hiring advertising space for promotion and previews of Spanish cinema in theaters, among others.

The total opening

Precisely, this week the Minister of Culture, Miquel Iceta, se has shown in favor of "soon recovering full capacity" in sport and culture by "being able to guarantee the development of activities with full safety", sending a message of optimism to the sector. "The world of culture has suffered a lot and under the sanitary and scientific criteria it is doomed to an opening", he recalled.

In addition, the aid for the Covid to the sector continues its legislative advance and the plenary session of the Senate has approved this Wednesday the opinion of the Bill with measures to support the sector, with votes in favor of all groups except for abstention from Vox --something that has been happening throughout this parliamentary process.

After this passage through the Upper House, the text will be sent to the Congress of Deputies, since ten amendments by the socialist group were incorporated in the previous report of the presentation - most of them technical issues, although they also refer to the tax regime of filming. in the Canary Islands--.


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