April 10, 2021

Culture is safer than any other space

Madrid, Apr 8 (EFE) .- The Minister of Culture and Sports, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, insisted this Thursday that culture “is safer than any other space” despite the fact that “risks always exist” because of the pandemic and recalled that infections are detected a priori and “there are a whole series of guarantees.”

This was stated by the minister at the inauguration of the Estampa fair when asked about the positive cases of coronavirus detected in the surroundings of the Royal Theater, whose officials have called a press conference for this afternoon.

“Culture is safer than any other space because protocols are made, when infections occur they are detected a priori, they are detected well, there are a whole series of guarantees,” Rodríguez Uribes stressed.

The Royal Theater has ensured that through the established tracking and monitoring measures it has been confirmed that there has been no outbreak in the Royal Theater and that the infections have been isolated cases from personal or family environments: “Possible positive cases have was immediately isolated and has been closely monitored “and, therefore, the rehearsals for the opera Peter Grimes continue” at a good pace ”

According to Real, the more than 250 people who have participated in the assembly since March 3 are routinely performed, several times a week, PCR and antigen tests according to health protocols.

For the minister, the proof that culture is safe is the past year, in which cinema, theater and music have been made “with a lot of effort and a lot of sacrifice, because there has been a reduction in capacity, controls on tickets and exit, demand for a mask, but it has been done well “.

Rodríguez Uribes has considered that we must wait for the press conference of those responsible for the Royal Theater, although he recalled that there is a pandemic: “We cannot lose sight of the fact that we are in a global, world, health pandemic, and the risks always exist”.

And he explained that he personally has verified by going to all the cultural events that he has been able to do that “you can go with complete peace of mind to the theater, to the cinema, to the opera, to concerts, to museums.”

“We must do it, we can do it. Culture is safe and culture is necessary, it is not a whim, it is a necessity of the human condition, a right of citizens and everything possible must be done to keep it alive, because it is a industry that creates employment, wealth for the country, which we must support and protect, “he concluded.


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