Culture increases its endowment by 10% | Economy

Culture increases its endowment by 10% | Economy

The culture earns endowment, but not as much importance. The first General Budgets of the State presented by the Government of the PSOE include an increase of 9.7% of the amount allocated to the sector, from 869 to 953 million. However, the relevance of the arts hardly varies with respect to the total: the culture represented 0.2% of the budget allocation in the previous project, prepared by the PP government and finally assumed by the Executive of Pedro Sánchez, and now supposes 0.3%. For comparison, Education represents 0.7%, Defense 2.4% and Pensions 40.9%. The arts generate around 2.5% of GDP, in official data. The budgets will be effective, yes, as long as the Government manages to take them forward in Parliament: currently, it does not have enough political support.

The project includes the reduction of VAT on electronic books and the digital press, from 21% to 4%, to be compared with that of works in physical format, after the EU gave its approval so that Member States could reduce this tax. And the Minister of Culture and Sports, José Guirao, has fulfilled the promise he launched to the booksellers and publishers after the withdrawal of his support for the "seal of quality" of the stores: he will invest 3.5 million euros in the purchase of books for public libraries.

Among other budgetary increases, highlights the rise of 19.7% in the fund Fund for the protection of cinematography, up to 85 million euros. The amount, however, does not only serve to finance new films, shorts and festivals: it also draws, last year, the coverage of the films produced in 2016, since previously the cinema law provided for funds to be delivered a posteriori. They also smile museums and exhibitions: their departure increases by 12.5%, to 180 million, with a special contribution of nine million to the Prado, destined to the celebration of its bicentennial and to the extension of the Hall of Realms, among other aspects. The Thyssen receives good news: in 2017, its accounts were more than two million euros in losses, but Culture assumes that deviation with a prize fund of two million euros lost in the Budgets.

Interestingly, the Socialists maintain the phrase with which the cultural chapter of the latest popular Budgets: "The politics of culture is a vertebrador element of civic identity." Two terms of comparison serve to analyze the first assumptions of the Government of Sanchez in On the one hand, the game is higher than all those presented by the different Executives of Mariano Rajoy and the PP, which plummeted in 2013 and went back up little by little until last year. about 100 million to the last presented by the previous socialist government, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero: in 2011, were 1,050 million.Further, the record of 2009: just a decade ago the culture received 1,284 million euros.


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