Culture could intervene SGAE

Culture could intervene SGAE

All signs point to the intervention of the SGAE. While the Minister of Culture announced last week that the term of the entity to adapt its statutes to the legality "is exhausted", a hundred creators have asked the department of José Guirao an "immediate" intervention. Meanwhile, the National Court has rejected the appeal of the entity against the requirements raised by the ministry. The car, dated January 23, would pave the way for the Government to take control of the management entity, plunged into an internal crisis after failing twice in the reform of its statutes.

Last week, the minister said that "in two weeks" they could have the decision to intervene, although yesterday they clarified that Culture continues to study the situation to take a "rigorous" measure and that the term "It depends on many factors", Reports Ep.

The resolution of the National Court refers to the requirement that Culture presented in September 2018 to the entity, granting a period of three months to begin the adaptation of its statutes to the provisions of the Intellectual Property Law, renew the Board of Directors in elections that allowed electronic voting and proceeded to the distribution of collected rights of 2018 in accordance with the provisions of the aforementioned law. The car considers that the reasons of the SGAE are "insufficient" and also points out that it exists "a public interest"That demands the best performance of the institution. The National Court considers that the adaptation of the statutes of the entities managing intellectual property rights to the standard is of "indisputable relevance".

Likewise, it highlights as necessary purposes "the strict observance of the rules of distribution of collected rights" set by the intellectual property legislation and supports the right of the members of the managing entities to communicate electronically with the entity.

They ask for a "rescue"

For its part, more than a hundred creators claimed in a statement to Culture that judicially request the intervention of the entity and dismiss the president of the entity, José Ángel Hevia, and the board of directors, and put in motion a management commission. Among the signatories of the document are Pedro Almodovar, Nacho Vegas, Sole Giménez, Josele Santiago, Jorge Ilegales, Isabel Coixet or Montxo Armendáriz, as well as multinational and independent publishers. In the text, they ask Guirao for a "rescue" in the situation of "helplessness" in what they find. In addition, in particular, they ask to revert the rights distributions of June and December of 2018.


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