June 21, 2021

Culture asks the tribunal of experts to correct the entanglement of the Music Festival – La Provincia

Culture asks the tribunal of experts to correct the entanglement of the Music Festival - La Provincia

Isaac Castellano, counselor of tourism, Culture and Sports of the Government of the Canary Islands, announced yesterday that the department that heads will appeal the decision of the magistrate of the Court of Social Number 9 of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria that annuls the appointment of Jorge Perdigón as artistic director of the International Music Festival of Canary Islands. To correct the entanglement that this ruling has generated, the plan of the regional Executive goes through to attack the problem from the root: to demand the tribunal of experts that declared desert the selection process – prior to the appointment of Jorge Perdigón and attended by 17 professionals from the cultural field- that argues its decision.

The ruling of the judge, as Castellano stressed yesterday, "believes that the court was fully entitled to declare the contest void, therefore it does not rule against the entire process" before adding that "the problem arises because it is considered that the The court that declares the process prior to Perdigón's appointment void does not justify its decision, and therefore, with the intention of filing the corresponding appeal in the face of a judgment that we comply with, we have already had conversations with members of that committee of experts to correct the problem "

The ruling of the Court of Social Issues No. 9 of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, following the lawsuit filed by Candelaria Rodríguez -who directed the Festival for seven years and who was one of the 17 people who applied to the selection process-, affects the lack of arguments of the court at the time of declaring the contest void. "An impartial observer," argues the ruling, "without greater knowledge of the subject matter of the contest would ask: what minimum conditions do not meet? Why not meet? Does the court refer to projects, to interviews or the merits in general, the aptitudes for the planning and attainment of objectives, the social responsibility, the elaboration of budgets (…) All these questions should be answered in the minutes of the qualifying court and in the subsequent resolution that makes it his to satisfy the demands of transparency and objectivity, fundamental in the required motivation, more accentuated if it fits when it comes to activities financed with public money ".

When estimating the demand of Candelaria Rodríguez, the sentence itself annuls the subsequent appointment of Jorge Perdigón as director of the Music Festival.

The court was chaired by Tilman Kuttekkeuler (Fundación Teatro Auditorium of LPGC) and formed by Víctor Pablo Pérez (Orchestra of the Community of Madrid), Miguel Ángel Parera (Tenerife Symphony Orchestra), Cristina del Río (SGAE) and Daniel Tapia (Theater Guniguada).


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