December 1, 2020

Cuixart will be released from jail tomorrow to work at his company

The president of Òmnium Cultural, Jordi Cuixart, will start again tomorrow to work at his company in Santa Perpètua de Mogoda (Barcelona), five working days a week, in application of article 100.2 of the prison regulations, as reported the entity in a statement.

Cuixart, who has been confined in prison since March 17 without any permission, will return to his company after the Generalitat’s Department of Justice has opened itself up to allowing the labor exits of prisoners subject to 100.2, provided that They resumed their work activity and the workplace is open.

The president of Òmnium Cultural will join his company tomorrow, whose activity, according to the sovereign entity, is among the services considered essential in the state of alarm decreed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

After finishing his day, Cuixart will return to sleep at the Lledoners prison, where he will remain isolated from the rest of the inmates, in another module and without maintaining any contact with other prisoners to avoid infections.

The vice-president of Òmnium Cultural, Marcel Mauri, has insisted that the exits from Cuixart are “a right, not a privilege”, at the same time that he has demanded that all inmates with 100.2 be authorized to confine themselves to their homes “for reasons of security”.

“It is not enough to reactivate 100.2 from tomorrow, confinement outside the prison is necessary, as requested by the UN, the Council of Europe or Front Line Defenders and that the powers of the state abandon the threats and coercion of officials “Mauri added.

Coinciding with the relaxation of the mobility restrictions decreed in the state of alarm, the Department of Justice has opened this Tuesday the door to allow work exits for prisoners subject to 100.2, but for this they must prove that the centers where they are employed have resumed its activity.

The measure will not affect prisoners who have been authorized to leave by the 100.2 to care for family members or carry out volunteer tasks, as is the case of former President of the Parliament Carme Forcadell, former Minister of Labor Dolors Bassa or former president from ANC Jordi Sànchez.

Nor does it seem likely that former Generalitat vice-president Oriol Junqueras will be able to resume his teaching dome work at the University of Vic, since the rector’s office decided to close its facilities – with some exceptions limited to laboratory research – as the health situation worsened by the pandemic of coronavirus.

The imprisoned independence leaders disregarded their exits for the 100.2 when limitations on mobility were extreme due to the evolution of the pandemic.

The Justice Department ordered treatment boards to study legal loopholes to allow inmates at 100.2 to be confined to their homes, but, after the Supreme Court warned that this could constitute a crime of prevarication, prisons only They granted it to fifteen inmates, none of them the leaders of the ‘procés’.


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