Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Cuixart assures that the generals are marked by "a visceral anticatalanism"

Cuixart asegura que las generales están marcadas por “un anticatalanismo visceral”

The president of Òmnium Cultural, Jordi Cuixart, has assured that the next Spanish elections are marked by a "visceral anti-Catalanism", with an increasingly extreme right that competes with fascism and a "self-conscious" PSOE incapable of combating it. In this situation, Cuixart considers, in a letter addressed to the partners of the entity, that each vote will be "essential" to strengthen rights, freedoms and self-determination.

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It has also denounced "the impunity of the extreme right" despite the hundreds of violent acts, which contrasts with the preventive detention "again disproportionate of Ruth, a young antifascist of 20 years" arrested in a demonstration against Vox.

Cuixart, in pre-trial detention since October 16, 2017, has also shown empathy towards Spanish citizens who share the concern for authoritarian regression and has said that "the only enemy to beat is fear."

Maintains the defense of civil disobedience and is critical of the attempt to blame the victims of police violence, and has said that "at the heart" of the judgment of the procés is the will to "illegalize" political action and disobedience civil. "What hundreds of thousands of citizens did on October 1 is a collective exercise of nonviolent discipline," he said.

He regretted that the state "dehumanizes and turns victims into executioners to justify police violence" and believes that "they do not allow contrasting statements with videos because they scare the truth."

In the letter, written last Thursday from the Supreme Court, Cuixart regrets that in the trial is questioned "systematically the exercise of fundamental rights, which reaffirms him in all the acts they have carried out" because the absolute absurd can only be to win from the most unconcealed coherence ". On the trial of the procés also has assured that it is not a "farce trial, but a state political trial".

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