'Cuéntame', 'Three more weddings' and the Athletic-Barça de Copa, in today's 'prime time'

Telecinco broadcast tonight for a new match of the round of 16 phase of the Copa del Rey (9:30 p.m.). Athletic Club de Bilbao will try to make up for the rout inflicted by FC Barcelona in last year's final. The two teams that have won the 'KO Tournament' the most times will face each other again in this round of 16 match narrated by Manu Carreño, with comments from Kiko Narváez and Fernando Morientes and with Ricardo Reyes on the pitch.

'Tell me' returns to La 1

season 22 of 'Tell me how it happened' arrive tonight the 1 on TVE (10:40 p.m.), which will again bet on plots very close to the present and set in the years 1993 and 1994, after traveling to the present marked by the pandemic in its previous installment. The Alcántaras begin the season with an exciting horizon: Antonio and Mercedes live together again, after sealing their love in Cuba. Inés, happy with Mike and filming under the orders of Fernando Colomo. Toni, brand new director of Informative Relations in Moncloa, enjoying a second youth. María, in medicine room and living with Jorge. And Déborah, succeeding professionally. However, it will not be long before they collide with the tumultuous reality of the 90s and face conflicts that will put their survival as a family to the test. While the crisis besieges Viajes Milano, Antonio and his partners open a 906 line, one of those that left so many headlines at the time. In addition, he decides to invest his savings in erecting a new building in Sagrillas for the winery, while starting a business relationship with Euskadi through Onofre (Nancho Novo). Mercedes, advised by Berto, will bet on haute couture and will attract the attention of personalities such as Rocío Jurado or Carmen Alborch.

Inma Cuesta, facing too many weddings on Antena 3

Antenna 3 program for a new pass '3 weddings too many' (10:45 p.m.). Ruth (Inma Cuesta), a young researcher at a university, attends the successive weddings of her exes, of those who were her "men in her life", without being able to find her better half. Is there anything worse than your ex boyfriend marrying someone else and inviting you to his wedding? Yes, that it happens to you three times in a month, not knowing how to say no, and that the only one you manage to convince to come with you is your new intern. An allergic to commitment, a crazy surfer and a transsexual turned babe... Three ex-boyfriends for three weddings. An explosive cocktail for Ruth, who will have to face her past and decide who she wants to share her future with.

Four choose tonight (10:50 p.m.) for a new installment of 'Horizon'. On this occasion, Iker Jiménez will have "a world scientific eminence" who will speak about covid-19: "He has given us an exclusive, a really surprising thing about the origin of the virus."

Also, the movie 'Just cause' occupies the prime time of the sixth (10:30 p.m.). Bobby Earl faces the electric chair accused of the murder of a young woman. Eight years after the crime, Bobby calls on Law Professor Paul Armstrong to help prove his innocence. Armstrong soon discovers false evidence provided by the police, but nobody cares because everyone believes that Bobby is the killer.

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