'Cuéntame' reaches the nineties in its 20th season | TV

About to turn 18, Tell me how it happened is already preparing the premiere of its 20th season. It will be on Thursday, March 21 at La 1. Tell me It's the series of prime time longest in the history of Spain. After the departure of Ricardo Gómez (Carlos Alcántara in fiction) and Elena Rivera (Karina), Tell me It faces a new era for which it will take a temporary leap that will take the Alcantara to the nineties. Although the narration of Carlos Alcántara (through the voice-over of Carlos Hipólito) will continue in the series, the point of view of the story will be transferred to the little one of the family, María, born at the beginning of the seventies, that will gain more prominence in the new episodes. As the chain announcedWith the coming of age of María Alcántara, the character changes her face and the actress Paula Gallego, who has played her in recent seasons, gives her place to Carmen Climent.

The first episode, which will be previewed next Wednesday at the Malaga Film Festival, will show the wedding between Toni and Deborah in London and it will be the farewell of Paula Gallego as María. Although the action starts in the fall of 1989, the plot this season will also enter the nineties. This series of chapters will show historical events such as the fall of the Berlin Wall (November 9, 1989) or the liberation of Nelson Mandela in South Africa (February 11, 1990). In Spain, the rise in the price of housing or the arrival of private televisions will mark the lives of the Alcántara and the residents of San Genaro.

The incorporation of Carmen Climent will not be the only one in the next round of chapters. The usual cast, headed by Ana Duato, Imanol Arias, Maria Galiana, Pablo Rivero, Irene Visedo, Carlos Cuevas, Paloma Bloyd and Ana Arias, will be added names like those of Javier Pereira, who will play a teacher of the neighborhood institute, Aina Quiñones, who will be Africa, one of María's friends, and the actress Greta Fernández, who will play Laia, a woman of intense spiritual life with whom Inés Alcántara will share professional projects.

Another one of the changes of the new chapters will arrive in the first measures of each episode, because the song of the head of the series will happen to be interpreted by Ana Torroja. The singer of the Mecano group takes over from Miguel Ríos. Ana Belén and David San José, Pitingo, Rosario Flores, Estrella Morente, Alejo Stivel, Miguel Bosé and Los Secretos also preceded Torroja in a tune that is already the history of Spanish television, as the series to which it belongs.


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