Cuban Santería predicts by 2020 catastrophes, diseases and a coup

The priests of the Cuban Santeria or "Babalawos" predict for the year 2020 the increase of illnesses, the delinquency and the dismissal of a Government by coup d'etat, and warn about the death of high personalities in the world, the weather phenomena and the Traditional family break up.

The members of the "Letter of the Year Commission", a group of Ifá priests from all the families of the Santeria of the island, met between New Year's Eve and the first day of the new year at the headquarters of the Yoruba Association of Cuba (ACYC), in Havana, to perform the "Opening Ceremony" of 2020.


The "Letter", presented this Thursday to the press, warns of serious neurological diseases, of sexual transmission and infectious infections, liver disease due to the increase in the consumption of alcoholic beverages, congenital malformations and the proliferation of epidemics due to poor hygiene and social indiscipline

The predictions of the oracle of Afro-Cuban religions contained in the letter or sign that will govern this year also provide for a high theft rate, an increase in embezzlement and violence, as well as an increase in the use of drugs and narcotic drugs.

Another of the events of social interest specifically predicts the "breaking of the traditional Cuban family" because of promiscuity, lack of authority and loss of values.


In Cuban Santeria, Ochún syncretizes with the Virgin of Charity of Copper, the Patroness of Cuba in the Catholic religion. According to its history, it is the owner of love and the fresh waters of the world, personifying love, fertility, the intensity of feelings and spirituality.

This divinity is also the queen of sensuality, pleasures and femininity, and is represented by a beautiful mulatto, nice and sensual, good dancer, festive and eternally cheerful.

This time he will have Obatala as an accompanying deity, orisha of the Afro-Cuban religion that occupies the preponderant place of santeria as deity of creation, the greater saint.

Obatala - the Virgin of La Mercedes for Catholics - represents purity, is the only orisha of the impossible causes, protector of the sick, is recognized as the creator of the human being and that is why he is credited with the power to be the owner Of all heads.


In Santería, one of the most widespread syncretic cults in Cuba, each letter or sign includes a history of the deities or the "orishas" of the Yoruba pantheon, who speak for it and imply a teaching or recommendation in general.

In 2020, among his recommendations he proposes to avoid infidelity, spousal violence due to its dangerous impact on family stability, comply with religious debts, be tolerant and patient in interpersonal relationships.

It also advises paying attention to the commercial issue to prevent fraud, embezzlement, deception and adultery, be careful with pork, making sure about its origin, and avoid traffic through areas conducive to assault and violations.


He has gained followers profusely and according to unofficial data, 80 percent of the Cuban population practices or attends the assistance of Santeria priests also known as godparents.

Syncretic cults, arrived in Cuba with African slaves in the colonial era, are transmitted by oral tradition from one generation to another through prayers, rites, spells, magic formulas, sayings, dances, songs, sacrifices and liturgies.

Santeria has in divination one of its main practices and among its own elements to snails, intended for the act of consultation, and the use of the so-called "foundation necklaces", made with beads of the colors that characterize each deity.


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