October 28, 2020

Cuban exile, happy that the US put Cuba “in its place”

Cuban exile organizations said Wednesday that the State Department’s decision to include Cuba in its list of countries that “do not cooperate” fully with the United States. in terms of terrorism, it is a “step in the right direction” that puts “the Cuban regime in its place.”

In this way, Cuba returns to a list in which it was until 2015, when it came out as a result of the process of thawing Cuban-American relations agreed by the then Presidents Barack Obama and Raúl Castro.

The return to the list that also includes Venezuela, Iran, Syria and North Korea is due in part to the “refusal to extradite ten members to Colombia” of the Colombian guerrilla National Liberation Army (ELN), according to the statement. official.

The State Department’s decision reinforces its legal basis to re-designate Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism.

John Suarez, executive director of the Center for a Free Cuba, said in a statement that “the dictatorship in Cuba has a long history of sponsorship and commitment to terrorism.”

In his opinion, it was a “mistake” to remove Cuba from the list and this State Department decision recognizes “the reality of the Castro regime.”

“It is a step in the right direction that sends the message to the regime that either it will improve its behavior or it will face a return to the list of states sponsoring terrorism, as happened to North Korea in 2017.”

The Cuban Resistance Assembly, made up of organizations from inside and outside of Cuba, also gave its support to the decision of the State Department.

He has returned to “put in his place a dictatorship that is terrorist in nature and has always been an accomplice to terrorists and acts of terrorism from its beginning,” said Orlando Gutiérrez Boronat, national secretary of the Cuban Democratic Directorate, an organization that is part of the assembly,

“We support the certification of the State Department including the communist dictatorship of Cuba as an accomplice to international terrorism,” said Ismael Hernández, from the National Directorate of the November 30 Movement, Frank País.

For Johnny López de la Cruz, president of the 2506 Brigade, formed by participants in the incursion in Bahía Cochinos, the return to the list is “as it should be”.


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