Cuba denounces "fraudulent accusations" and "defamatory campaigns" of the United States

Cuba denounces "fraudulent accusations" and "defamatory campaigns" of the United States

Cuba denounced today that the government of the United States resorts to "fraudulent accusations" and "defamatory campaigns" against the island, besides making pretexts to generate a climate of "greater tension" bilaterally.

The Director General of the United States of the Cuban Foreign Ministry, Carlos Fernández de Cossío, said that in recent months the government of Washington has escalated the "hostile rhetoric" against Cuba, in a statement published on the official website Cubaminrex.

Fernández de Cossío said that the US government intends to resume the "failed campaign against Cuba in the area of ​​human rights."

He lamented that "far from discussing on the basis of respect, as Cuba has been willing to do for cooperation purposes and as it does with other countries, Washington goes to fraudulent accusations and defamatory campaigns."

He also described as "irresponsible and provocative statements and falsehoods" of the administration of Donald Trump and considered that they aim to justify the backward movement experienced by bilateral relations.

According to the official of the Foreign Ministry of the island, the United States dedicates millionaire resources "to attempt against the Cuban constitutional order, interfere in internal affairs and finance individuals who act as agents of a foreign power."

In that sense, he stressed that that in Cuba "is illegal, as it is in the United States and in other countries."

Fernández de Cossío also affirmed that the US government is making "unfounded accusations" against Cuba about the supposed health incidents that according to Washington damaged the health of 26 employees of its embassy in Havana reported between November 2016 and August 2017, whose causes They have not yet been determined.

That situation has caused a deterioration of the already delicate relations between the US and Cuba, since Washington has accused Havana of knowing who caused health problems to its officials and of not adequately protecting them, something that the Cuban Executive denies.

The director stressed that Cuba is a country of peace, that develops its foreign relations on the basis of respect and cooperation, "and considered that it is the policy of the United States towards the island that" suffers isolation. "

In addition, he urged the US government to pay attention next October 31 when he expects the international community to reclaim again in the United Nations the end of the policy of economic embargo that Washington applies against the Caribbean country.


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