Cuba affirms that Bolsonaro "lies" about the presence of agents among his doctors

Cuba affirms that Bolsonaro "lies" about the presence of agents among his doctors

Cuban Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodriguez, said today that the president-elect of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, "lies" by stating that Cuba had "agents and members of the Army" infiltrated among doctors who participated in the recently canceled health program "More Doctors" .

"#MaisMedicos Bolsonaro lies, they are all recognized doctors, almost all of them returned," the Cuban Foreign Minister wrote in his Twitter account, which was released on Wednesday as part of the new computerization policy of the government headed by Miguel Díaz-Canel.

The Cuban foreign minister also asked where the new doctors hired by the Brazilian government are to fill the vacancies vacated by Cuban health personnel who returned to the island.

This is how Rodriguez responded to the statement made by Jair Bolsonaro, who stated through his social networks that some 200 Cuban professionals out of the 8,332 who recently left Brazil "had nothing to do with medicine".

The ultra-right Bolsonaro, who will be inaugurated president on January 1, said on Tuesday that "the first 200 that left were all Cuban agents or members of the Cuban Army, they were here watching the slave work done by them here, with the connivance of the Workers Party "(PT).

The participation of Cuban doctors in the "More Doctors" project began in 2013 under the mandate of the then Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff -of the PT- with the aim of guaranteeing health care to isolated communities in the Amazon, in the favelas and zones poor of the South American country.

But the island's government announced on November 14 the withdrawal of its personnel from that program in response to new "unacceptable" conditions posed by Bolsonaro, who argued that Cuban doctors were "slaves" of a "dictatorship."

The Cuban presence in this initiative was channeled through an agreement with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and in its five years of operation more than 20,000 professionals of the island attended 113.3 million Brazilian patients in the 34 districts indigenous specials, mainly from the Amazon, according to Minsap reports.

In a recent interview published in the Cuban newspaper Juventud Rebelde, Dilma Rousseff criticized Bolsonaro's "untimely" statements and considered "absurd" her demand that Cuban doctors undergo an examination to determine her training.

The Brazilian exmandataria also pointed out that the departure of Cuba from the "Más Médicos" will be an "irreparable loss" for the most humble population because tens of millions of Brazilians will be left without primary health care.


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