July 15, 2020

Cuba adds eight new COVID-19 infections, all in Havana

Cuba added eight positive cases of COVID-19 on Monday, all in Havana and the majority from a new focus of transmission, in a day in which no deceased or serious or critical patients were registered, according to the daily report of the Ministry of Public Health (Minsap).

The figure of eight new confirmed cases contrasts with the trend of previous days when reports of positive patients in this Caribbean nation fluctuated in less than five cases per day, and even diagnosed one only on June 24.

At the close of yesterday, Sunday, 2,210 PCR samples were studied that yielded the 8 infections, five of them from a new source of infection detected in the Cotorro municipality of Havana, and the other three correspond to the same number of areas in the capital, the only one Cuban territory that has not been able to initiate the de-escalation.

This weekend, government authorities expressed confidence that Havana could meet the health indicators required to enter the first phase of the post-COVID recovery in the coming days.

But they insisted on the importance of increasing epidemiological surveillance in places with the highest risk potentials, the work centers, as well as maintaining the performance of rapid tests and PCR to continue to study on time the actions to be reinforced, although some restrictions are eliminated.

The director of Epidemiology of the Minsap, Francisco Durán, stressed in his report on the pandemic today that six of the last infected – 75% – were asymptomatic at the time of the test, a trend that is repeated and already includes a total of 1,265 patients who had no symptoms of the disease when investigated.

Other data indicates that six of them were contacts of confirmed cases and in two the source of infection could not be specified.

More than one hundred days after the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in Cuba was declared, 2,340 carriers have been counted. Of these, 41 are active patients, all with a stable clinical course, and 2,211 have recovered.

Another 61 people are currently watched from their homes by the Primary Health Care system.

The deceased are 86, while two were evacuated to their countries of origin in the first weeks of the epidemic, and the last 10 medical discharges were granted on Sunday.


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