Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

Cuatro renews 'Volando voy' by Jesús Calleja

Cuatro renueva ‘Volando voy’ de Jesús Calleja

It is one of the few programs of Four that it supports without its audience being affected by the crisis suffered by the second Mediaset channel. And that's why it was announced that
, the program that presents Jesús Calleja produced by Zanskar, renews its contract and will record until seven new deliveries in a season plus.

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It is Jesus himself who has advanced the news and the new destinations: "We have almost 30 episodes aired and we have seen that there are really spectacular places in Spain. Some of us did not even suspect that they could be in our country and we hardly even heard their name. We are going to show really amazing sites from the helicopter. "



Among the different destinations highlights the fascinating underwater world of Cap de Creus, one of the best preserved Spanish coastlines. There will also be time to visit the Laciana Valley, where the end of the mining activity will be addressed. The Geopark of Granada, a place full of geological, paleontological and archaeological landmarks, will occupy another of the deliveries.

And for the first time in the program, a pilgrimage road, located in Cantabria. Also the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido; the Natural Park of the Sierras Subbéticas in Córdoba, where the virtues of olive oil will be claimed. And the Serra do Courel, in Lugo, where the program will help restore a centennial heritage, will be the destinations of the new deliveries.

Image of the first program of 'Volando voy', presented by Jesús Calleja

Image of the first program of 'Volando voy', presented by Jesús Calleja
(Four television)

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