Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Cuatrecasas appoints Rafael Fontana president and Jorge Badía, new CEO

Cuatrecasas appoints Rafael Fontana president and Jorge Badía, new CEO

The board of directors of Cuatrecasas has elected Rafael Fontana as chairman and Jorge Badía as the new CEO, as reported by the firm on Friday.

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To date, Fontana was the CEO and Badía was the CEO. With these appointments, Badía acquires greater executive power, while Fontana, who will continue to chair the board of directors, gains institutional weight.

In this way, both will be those that take the helm of Cuatrecasas during the next four years.

Fontana was appointed CEO in July 2014 and eight months later, in March 2015, he appointed Jorge Badía as CEO.

The president of Cuatrecasas, Rafael Fontana, thanked the partners for their trust and gave his support to the new CEO. "Four years ago we embarked on the idea of ​​transforming the business and today we are reaping the rewards with a historic growth, a solid team and a desire to continue innovating, I am convinced that Jorge Badía will continue to govern this ship in an exemplary manner", insured.

On the other hand, the new CEO of the firm, Jorge Badía, has affirmed that he assumes the position "with great enthusiasm". "We will bet on those ideas that transform the legal profession, we will listen and give way to young and female talent, and we will use new work methodologies that allow us to be more efficient," he stressed.


Cuatrecasas has also ratified the appointment of former Vice-President of the Government Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría as a partner in the Mercantil area, as well as Miguel de Almada as partner and coordinator of the Litigation and Arbitration area in Portugal.

The board of partners has also given its approval to the appointment of ten new quota members. "The new additions add young talent to the sociatura and represent the plurality of practices and territories that make up Cuatrecasas," the firm said.


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