Cuadernos Rubio increased its turnover by 22% during 2018


Cuadernos Rubio grew 22% in 2018, with a turnover of almost 2.4 million euros. His online store,, increased his sales by 48% during the past year, according to the data provided by the company.

The traditional collections of didactic notebooks calligraphy and calculation they continue with an important weight for the publishing house and they suppose around 50% of the turnover.

The company has also entered the adult segment with the launch of three books focused on creative calligraphy and drawing, which add to their collections of cognitive stimulation.

The general director and owner of the publishing house, Enrique Rubio, underlines that in recent years the company has continued to diversify its offer, with innovative proposals such as holiday notebooks in their own languages, such as Galician, Valencian and Catalan, and English collections based on multiple intelligences, among others.

«The online store has become an alternative and important sales channel for us, for several reasons. It allows us to test some of our launches and, at the same time, provides visibility to products that have less presence in traditional channels, but which are also important for the brand, such as those we include in Mundo Rubio, which includes school supplies, notebooks, going through cups or even bedding »explains Enrique Rubio.

In this way, the company "continues with its projection, away from the crisis that has affected during these years the rest of the educational publishers, more focused on textbooks. We have not marked a roof. We are bold and innovative, and this is the path we follow ", he adds.

Rubio was born more than 60 years ago by the hand of Ramón Rubio and is the editor of the famous didactic notebooks based on enhancing the plasticity of the brain, through the development of basic skills, such as writing and calculation. Since its foundation, it has sold more than 300 million copies of notebooks that have accompanied several generations of Spaniards.


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