CSN technicians denounce a case of "revolving doors" in the nuclear sector

CSN technicians denounce a case of "revolving doors" in the nuclear sector

The Professional Association of Technicians in Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (ASTECSN) considers that the signing of Antonio Munuera, until November, technical director of Nuclear Safety of the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN), as director of the nuclear fuel plant of the state uranium company, Enusa, in Juzbado (Salamanca), is an example "that there are revolving doors in the nuclear sector, as a reward for hypothetical actions of favor towards the holders of the facilities ", and violates the rules of incompatibilities of the regulator.

On Monday, the president of ATECSN, Nieves Sánchez, sent letters to the president of Enusa, José Vicente Berlanga, and to the plenary session and the secretary of the CSN, in which they indicate that the appointment "does not comply with the legal system and, in addition, seriously harms the reputation and motivation of our Technical Corps. "

The plenary session of the CSN is also requested that, if it exists, the organism will provide the association with the corresponding report from its legal counsel that endorsed Munuera's appointment.

In a statement, ASTECSN recalls that the Statute of the CSN states in article 38 that the technical directors of the agency are subject to the same regime of incompatibilities as the president and the councilors of the agency and that "upon leaving office and during the two years Subsequently, they may not exercise any professional activity related to nuclear safety and radiation protection ".

According to ASTECSN, "this legal shield, to prevent the departure of people with responsibilities in the CSN to the companies subject to its regulation, is based on the need to ensure the independence of the regulator, crucial to develop its work as a guarantor of safety nuclear and radiological protection over any economic, political, media or other interest ".

However, the current law on senior officials (2015) establishes that only the president, the councilors and the secretary general of the organization have that status in the CSN.

The association considers that Munuera, considered the key man of the Government of the PP to obtain the extension of the nuclear ones beyond the 40 years, "has contributed of fundamental way to the loss of transparency and independence in which is at the moment the regulatory body "with decisions that" have broken principles that were referents of the prestige we had achieved "and that" have negatively affected the safety culture in the regulator ".

Among those decisions, he cites the cessation of the head of operational experience area for opposing a cut in communication to the public; the cessation of the resident inspector of the Almaraz nuclear power plant for not reducing the number of identified finds, as requested; the communication cut between the resident inspection and the CSN technicians; the reduction in the number of disciplinary proceedings, findings, notifiable events and reactive inspections before incidents at nuclear power plants; and "the concealment of the CSN Plenary of important information for decision-making".


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