March 4, 2021

Csar Manrique, hair by hair – La Provincia

The headquarters of the Csar Manrique Foundation in Tahche (Lanzarote) was the setting for the second approach in the characterization of the actor Mingo Ruano for the production 'Csar Manrique, the musical' by Martn Bolaos Cruz. Measurements, color studies, makeup, tulle, latex … About two hours used this professional Grancanario who has more than three decades linked to the technical arts collaborating in film, theater or musicals. Bolaos speaks of this complicated process and reviews some of the keys that a good characterization requires in order not to fall into erroneous obviousness.

In one of the magical volcanic bubbles of the house of the artist César Manrique in Lanzarote, in the shadow of the fig tree that the creator himself looked after and pampered leaf by leaf, fiction is soaked in reality when the actor Mingo Ruano, protagonist of 'César Manrique, the musical', emulates Lanzarote. "It is as if I were seeing him. I have had my hair on end!", Confesses one of the employees of the César Manrique Foundation who by surprise comes across the photo shoot and Ruano characterized by the most universal Lanzarote.

Hairs The fault of that shock is, in part, the hairs. Natural and placed many of them one by one on the head of Mingo Ruano by the head of characterization Martín Bolaños Cruz (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1963), makeup artist and costume designer who in the musical brand in September is responsible for providing Ruano has enough tools to make his approach to Manrique easier, physically.

"The characterization process must be imperceptible in the eyes of the viewer to grant as much naturalness as possible," explains Martín Bolaños. "In the production phase of the musical and in the presentation of the project (at which the main photo of the page corresponds) the characterization, due to the short time, was made with the corrections of the visagismo", a combination of techniques that seeks to exalt on the face, through makeup and hairstyle, the approach to the character highlighting its features.

"A latex shell or bald was applied, simulating skin, and using natural hair we emulated the short and dark hair, with the births of their 40 years that requested the artistic direction," adds Bolaños who in that process has contacted the complicity from Mingo Ruano himself Israel Reyes, director of 'César Manrique, the musical', a project based on an original idea and script by Manuel González and that arrives on September 12 at the Pérez Galdós Theater in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of the artist and then start A tour of the Canary Islands.

Martín Bolaños Cruz has 38 years dedicated to the world of entertainment in the Canary Islands working for musicals, theater, opera, zarzuela or cinema, among others. Teacher for three courses in the subject of Characterization (professional certificate) at the National Reference Center of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and one also as a professor at the Film Institute of the capital of Gran Canaria, Bolaños says that for work at 'César Manrique, the musical '"First of all a study of the image of the actor, Mingo Ruano, and the character César Manrique. "

"We made a lifecat of the interpreter to obtain a negative of his head and face and later we carry out his positive, "he continues on the work." In the same session the measurements of the head were taken and the template for the subsequent construction of the armor or pattern of the wig to the anatomy of the actor and design the changes with the characterization team. This, "he says," is a fundamental process. Subsequently, in different work sessions the measures of the actor are passed to a wooden head type and designed first with the actor's own measures and then on the design of the wig that we are going to make. We create the armor or base of the wig with special resistant gallon and specific tunnels of posticería. In this case, to bring naturalness to the piece ".

The use, according to Bolaños Cruz, of the invisible tulle is perfect because he manages to fuse the actor's makeup with the wig, where dark hair is implanted manually just like the one owned by Manrique. "It is important to highlight the distinctive features of his hair: his characteristic inputs and short dark hair, at least at the time where the character is placed chronologically in the production, which is around the age of César," reveals the makeup artist and also founder of the firm mos + mos.

The process is completed "with makeup, treating the correction angles in Mingo Ruano's visaism with dark and 3D light techniques, so that the viewer can appreciate the angular face of César Manrique".

On the time that has been used for the first approach to César Manrique by Martín Bolaños Cruz and Mingo Ruano, the person in charge of the characterization assures that "once the angles to be corrected are clear in order to create a similarity and having the hair prosthesis already made from the character's own characteristic features, everything is simpler. It becomes a great support to speed up the process that lasts between 15 or 20 minutes "and can even be placed by the actor himself .

Canary sounds to César

The life and work of César Manrique will sound in the main theaters of the Canary Islands from September 12 in this musical co-production of Clapso and Mestisay.

Starring Mingo Ruano, Víctor Formoso and Maykol Hernández and with the voices of Olga Cerpa and Luis Morera 'César Manrique, the musician' is an ambitious production that addresses the extraordinary vital and artistic sing of César Manrique. The script underlines the importance of myth in contemporary Canarian culture making it even more approachable, if possible, for its many fans.

From the hand of Manolo González, this original script is born that aims to be an integral show through different eras and environments where César developed his work and his life, among others Lanzarote, New York or Madrid. Especially important will be the claim component around the environmental values ​​that Manrique defended and that, today, rival almost, for the draft and validity of his message, with his fantastic work.

Israel Reyes is in charge of the stage direction and in the hands and taste of Germán G. Arias reace the responsibility of the musical direction.

Some of the songs of the musical will be popular songs of the Canarian song related to the landscape value and the binomial art and nature that the Lanzarote artist elaborated throughout his life, and others will be songs written specifically for the production. About 100 people, including actors, singers, dancers, choir and orchestra, make up this project that at times brings together almost 70 people on stage.

Returning to the work of Martín Bolaños Cruz for this production, the head of characterization emphasizes that the facial features of Ruano and Manrique "are two well-differentiated male faces but corrected with hints of chiaroscuro" have a first approximation.

The materials used for this process are "three-tone base, high-definition illuminators, wig, tulle, posticeria, gallons, natural hair, non-allergic skin glue, haircut according to the pattern and cosmetics to grant greater naturalness", Martín Bolaños lists who, at another time in the interview, recalls his meeting with César Manrique. The real.

"When César was 64 and I 21y worked as an actor in 'Plain', of Alonso Quesada and directed by Pepe Dámaso, a close friend of Cesar, he exhibited in Sala Vegueta and coinciding with a surprise party for his birthday there we agreed. "

"It was a momentary relationship but of which he kept a good memory because I listened to how he explained his work. In addition, while studying design studies of fashion I analyzed his life and work and inspired by his design of 'Flags of the Cosmo' of Roque de los Muchachos (1985) and inspired by it I create a collection ".

"The biggest challenge that one faces for the characterization of a character like César Manrique is that the actor transmits the greatest naturalness in his image, without being artificial but as the character was: natural, lover of the simple in his appearance. . A hipster artist, fighter and colorist who traveled, flew and returned to give his greatest legacy to his island, Lanzarote: art. Actions where you can breathe love for the symbiosis of nature and art so characteristic of him ", concludes Martín Bolaños Cruz.

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