June 21, 2021

CS will support the economy, health and EU documents in Congress when the Government accepts several of its measures

This has been announced by Cs in a statement where it indicates that so far more than 20 amendments have been accepted, which it presented in those three groups.

Among the commitments made by the Executive of Pedro Sánchez, he mentions the creation of a Spanish public health center, where the Ministry of Health assumes the leadership and improves health coordination between the autonomous communities, the flexibility of the Temporary Regulation Files of Employment (ERTE) and the regulation of telework “to guarantee the balance between the parties”, among others.

As for the Working Group on Social Policies and Care System, the orange party regrets that the PSOE and United Podemos can try to exclude the concerted school and special education from the recovery plan after the coronavirus.

For this reason, their intention is to continue negotiating “so that the final text sets aside ideological questions and it can be guaranteed, for example, that all the options of the public education system, including concerted education or special education, come out reinforced from this crisis”, as explained.



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