March 2, 2021

Cs will not stop going to any party of freedom

The national spokesperson for Citizens and Congress deputy, Inés Arrimadas, assured this Saturday that "there is not a single party for the freedom to which Ciudadanos is going to stop going because some want to see them outside."

Arrimadas has made these statements at the beginning of the manifestation of the Pride that this year has two banners, a first, which will carry historical activists with the slogan 'Older without lockers: History, Struggle and Memory !. By a state LTBI Law '; and the second, with the heading 'Not a step back', which will also lead the march.

The spokesperson said that it is "a pity that today, which is a day of freedom to end sectarianism, to end the intolerance and to end discrimination, some want to discriminate and want that today the voters of LGTBI citizens do not they feel comfortable in the Pride. "

"We are not only here to defend equality, we are also here to defend all LGTBI people who have voted for Citizens and who have the same right as anyone who has voted to any other party to be at their party, in their Capital in his Madrid, in the center of this great city of freedom, "he underlined.

He acknowledged that he would have liked to have rectified those who today want to make certain voters of Citizens feel uncomfortable, but he has emphasized that "nobody accuses us".

"We were born in Catalonia defending freedom and we will continue to defend freedom wherever it is necessary, because there is not a single corner of Spain, there is not a single party for the freedom to which Ciudadanos will stop going because some they want to see outside, "he remarked.

Arrimadas has attended the demonstration accompanied by the representatives of their training in the City of Madrid, the Deputy Mayor, Begoña Villacis; and in the Assembly of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado.

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