March 7, 2021

Cs will agree to government with PP and then "we'll have to see what Vox does"

The candidate of Citizens to the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado, insists that his party continues to negotiate with the PP how to form a government and that once achieved and announced "we will have to see what Vox does", he would fight to the left " but it has allied with her (in Murcia) at the first exchange ".

Aguado reiterates the position of his party in that he negotiates with the PP programs, first measures and what people will be in the Government and that once the agreement is reached they will be explained to the formation of the extreme right and the party that wants to listen to them or sign the agreement.

With regard to Vox's blockade of government formation in Murcia, Aguado says that it has been "irresponsible" and that it would have been "more sensible to let it start up (the government) and then defend its program in Parliament.

Cs, he assures, will not allow with his votes "a Government of Gabilondo with Podemos no matter how much they squeeze us from some media, other formations or people who have never voted for us and believe they have the right to tell us what we have to do".

"A Government of Gabilondo with Podemos," says Aguado, "would impose a setback, stigmatize concerted education or eliminate it, recover inheritance and donation tax, inheritance tax, and develop policies that from a liberal perspective would be bad."

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