July 30, 2021

Cs warns Sanchez that if he wants to make an offer to Catalonia that speaks with Arrimadas

Cs warns Sanchez that if he wants to make an offer to Catalonia that speaks with Arrimadas

The parliamentary spokesman of Cs, Carlos Carrizosa, said today to the president of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, that if he wants to make some "offer" to Catalonia "talk to everyone", starting with the leader of the "first party" in the Parlament, Inés Close, and not only with the independence.

In statements to journalists, Carrizosa has asked Sánchez not to consider that talking to the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, means doing so with a voice that represents "all Catalans".

According to Carrizosa, "Torra can not speak on behalf of all" the Catalans, because his speeches and his political action are only directed at his trial to the independence fighters, so when Sanchez negotiates with him he simply does it with the "representative of one" of the parties "in Catalonia, which was not even the" winner "of the December 21 elections.

After participating in the demonstration yesterday in Barcelona for the unity of Spain, Carrizosa stressed that all those people who went out to the street "also deserve respect and be heard" by Torra.

On the other hand, Carrizosa has referred to the resolution, approved in the Parliament with the support of JxCat, ERC and the commons, which condemns the positioning of the king in the "Catalan conflict", as well as his "justification of the violence "police 1-0, and advocates the abolition of the monarchical institution, which qualifies as" outdated and undemocratic. "

"I do not consider myself a monarchist," said Carrizosa, who nevertheless stressed that "today the Crown is the head of the State, it is our constitutional system, we owe it to ourselves and we have to defend it."

According to Carrizosa, "you do not have to be a monarchist to defend an institution that today represents all of us Spaniards, which represents equality, unity and solidarity among all Spaniards."

"Whoever makes an attack on the symbol that today represents the Spaniards, be it the Crown or the flag, is really trying to attack all Spaniards and these principles that represent our symbols."

Carrizosa has considered "inconceivable" that the "partners" of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, "are those who promote a disapproval of the monarch" from the Parliament.


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